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Unbound Awareness Trips
May 28 2013

6 ways to chronicle your travel experience

CFCA awareness trips

Patrick Clementine, CFCA sponsor, meets his sponsored friend, Victoria, in Kenya on a CFCA awareness trip.

Have you ever looked back on a trip, only to realize you barely remember any of your experiences? If this sounds familiar, then read these six ways to chronicle your travel experience and never forget a special moment!

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Feb 1 2012

The role of silence in today’s culture of communication

Jan. 24 was the feast day of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists. It also marked the World Day of Social Communications.

Aurellia, mother of CFCA sponsored child Herman in Tanzania

CFCA tells the stories of people such as Aurellia, mother of sponsored child Herman in Tanzania.

We were especially interested to hear how Pope Benedict XVI used this moment to emphasize the role of silence, or the combination of “silence and word,” in today’s digital culture.

(You can read more about the pope’s message in this article from the Catholic Spirit.)

“Silence can be a vehicle of expression, it gives others the chance to speak and us the opportunity to listen, think and reflect,” said Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

“In essence, it is in silence that I am able to give communication its correct significance, and to avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of communication itself.”

As communicators of the work accomplished daily around the CFCA community, we face this great challenge and opportunity every day.

Covering the stories of more than 300,000 sponsored friends and their families in 22 countries is a great privilege, but it also takes time and commitment to process, edit and publish these reports (whether through print publications, website items or social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter).

We must work to find the silence we need in our lives to truly be in touch with ourselves, others and God ñ taking the time to be quiet enough to reflect and hear what our sisters and brothers around the world are saying.

What are some ways in which you integrate quiet time and silence into your daily life? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Dec 12 2008

CFCA Walk with the Poor brochure wins top honor at Philly Awards

CFCA†received the Best of Show honor at the sixth annual Philly Awards for our Walk with the Poor brochure.

The awards are presented by Nonprofit Connect, recognizing excellence in Kansas City nonprofit communications. CFCA also won first place for the Walk with the Poor brochure in the informational brochure category and second-place honors for the CFCA sponsorship brochure in the membership appeal category.

The Walk with the Poor brochure was created to encourage young people to go to the Walk with the Poor section on our website and learn how they can impact global poverty by helping a student finish school.

The Best of Show Award is selected from the first-place winners in 11 categories.

We created a video of the multi-fold Walk with the Poor brochure. Watch it unfold as it connects the dots…