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Cristian, an Unbound scholar, outside of his home in Colombia.
Jan 6 2016

The true impact of an Unbound scholarship

Mayra, an Unbound scholar, at home with her mother, Patricia, in Guatemala.

Mayra, an Unbound scholar, at home with her mother, Patricia, in Guatemala.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the true impact of your contribution, especially when you contribute to a program helping many, like our Education program, without knowing who will actually benefit from your contribution.

With a sponsorship, you have the chance to pick the person you want to help, and you can build a relationship through photos and letters. But when you make a contribution to the Education program, who gets to continue their schooling?

Mayra from Guatemala and Cristian from Colombia are just two of the many students who receive scholarship assistance from Unbound’s Education program to continue their schooling.

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Dec 2 2015

Painting a successful future

Shija walked up and stood beside the sign he painted. It read, “UNBOUND,” and colorful figures formed the logo beside the name.

Shija, a sponsored youth, painted the sign at the request of the local office in Tanzania. The staff knew he would be a good candidate for the job because he’s an artist who’s going to school for fine arts and graphic design.
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Roy does laundry on a weekend visit home from college.
May 1 2015

Laundry on the weekends

Roy does laundry on a weekend visit home from college.

Roy does laundry on a weekend visit home from college.

For many U.S. college students, going home on the weekends to do laundry is a time-honored tradition. The time waiting between loads is a chance to catch up with family, friends and pets, or maybe doing some homework.

Twenty-year-old Roy is from a rural area of the Philippines and is studying education at a nearby university. He is sponsored through Unbound, which helps him meet the costs of attending college. Though he goes home every Friday, and laundry is involved, his weekends look a bit different than those of many U.S. students.

Roy’s weekends are filled with farming and doing other chores in order to earn a weekly income. He returns to school on Sunday afternoon, or sometimes very early in the morning on Monday, to attend class.

When it comes to doing laundry, Roy and his family rely on their surroundings. Their home is located at the base of a mountain. One of the mountain streams provides water and plenty of rocks for washing clothes.

Roy knows how to work hard and applies that to his studies as well as his weekend work. He hopes to be a teacher when he completes his education and is creating more opportunities for himself and his family through his studies.

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Unbound scholar
Feb 9 2015

Moving forward with Education support

Education is at the heart of everything Unbound does. For children in the Unbound community, education is a road out of poverty.

Unbound’s Education support helps students stay in school when it becomes financially impossible to continue. Small contributions can go a long way. What may seem like a minor obstacle may be the deciding factor between a student dropping out and staying in school.

Rosa, from Guatemala, faced a decision about dropping out shortly after entering middle school.

Sitting in her humble living room on old car seats covered in blankets, she recounted her story.

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Scholarship student
Aug 29 2013

Sponsored youth in India inspired to help others

CFCA in India

CFCA sponsored youth Madhuri(center) tutors younger children in the CFCA sponsorship program.

Many sponsored friends aspire to a better future so that they can, in turn, help others living in poverty.

Madhuri, a sponsored young woman in India, is just one example.

She is pursuing a two-year teaching course that will allow her to get a job as a teacher in a primary school.
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Former sponsored member
Aug 20 2013

Dream come true: Former sponsored child in India achieves childhood dream

Staff members in Kansas City recently had the opportunity to sit down with 26-year-old Paul, a former sponsored child from Hyderabad, India.

Paul was in Kansas City for his job, and wanted to see CFCA’s headquarters and share his experiences as a sponsored child.
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The Philippines
Aug 13 2013

CFCA scholar: Education a ‘tool to eliminate poverty’

The CFCA project in Legazpi, Philippines, recently sent us success stories from young adults who were sponsored through CFCA.

Here’s one from Ana Rose, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social work after overcoming many challenges, including a heart ailment and damage to her family’s home in a typhoon.
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