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Dec 8 2011

Coffee giveaway winner + a slideshow of making coffee

Thanks to everyone who participated in our coffee giveaway! And the winner is Ana Jackson, a CFCA sponsor. She sponsors Valeria in Colombia. Congratulations, Ana!

As a token of our appreciation for all your support, we’d like to show you a special photo slideshow of the Juan Ana coffee process (thanks to Julio Morales, manager of the Juan Ana Coffee Program):

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A little more context

In San Lucas, Guatemala, coffee is harvested from December to March, with most coffee ripening in January and February.

The San Lucas Mission’s Juan Ana Coffee Program buys coffee from 650 small producers in and around San Lucas Toliman.

About 40 percent of these producers are families in the CFCA Hope for a Family program. The program uses no middleman and guarantees a fair price to families.

Coffee is a labor-intensive crop. It takes 500 pounds of ripe coffee cherries to produce 75 pounds of roasted or ground coffee.

A coffee tree will continue producing for about seven years before it is replaced. After the coffee harvest, producers spend the rest of the year tending their trees.

Coffee trees are very particular about their environment. They like nutrient-rich soil with just enough shade.

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Dec 1 2011

Enter to win a free 17-oz. bag of fair trade coffee!

This year weíre holding a drawing to offer a special gift for one of our sponsors: a 17-ounce bag of Juan Ana medium roast ground coffee!

The rules for entering are simple:

1) Share our Facebook page with two (or more) friends who haven’t yet liked our page, and invite them to like our page.

2) Email cfcacommunications@cfcausa.org with the names of your friends who just liked our Facebook page through your invitation. (A subject line such as “Coffee giveaway” also helps.)

Please include your name and CFCA ID (number beginning with the letters ASC) as well as your preferred method of contact if you win the coffee.

That’s it! Your name will be entered into a drawing, which ends Wednesday, Dec. 7. We’ll pick the winner on Thursday, Dec. 8.

The Juan Ana coffee and CFCA connection: Read more

Mar 28 2011

Japan earthquake affects Guatemalan coffee exports

Luis CocÛnLuis CocÛn, CFCA communications liaison in Guatemala, wrote to us recently about how the tragedy in Japan is affecting Guatemala’s foreign aid and coffee exports.

The consequences of the recent earthquake in Japan stretch far beyond its borders if you consider that Japan is one of the principal economic powers in the world.

In 2010, 15 percent of Guatemalaís total coffee production was exported to Japan, the second biggest market after the United States, according to the National Coffee Association of Guatemala.

These exports were valued at more than 300 million quetzals ($39.1 million).

Guatemala is home to more than 88,000 children, youth and elderly members sponsored through CFCA, the largest concentration of sponsored members among the 22 countries where CFCA works.

Many families in the CFCA program in Guatemala earn a living from coffee.

The impact doesnít just involve the coffee industry. In 2010, the Japanese government sent more than 600 million quetzals ($78.3 million) in foreign aid to Guatemala.

It is clear that things like coffee imports and aid to other countries such as Guatemala are not a priority for Japan. Its efforts understandably will be focused on recovery and reconstruction for quite some time.

Nevertheless, Guatemalan coffee cultivators are very uncertain and the Guatemalan people will surely be affected.

We hope for the best. More than anything, we pray for the complete and rapid recovery of the Japanese people.

Jan 28 2011

Welcome to the CFCA coffee club

By Shanxi Omoniyi, web editor and writer

Coffee is cultivated in many of the countries where CFCA works and enjoyed by many of our families. The CFCA community in Kansas City loves coffee, too.

Julie Watson, CFCA graphic designer

Julie Watson, CFCA graphic designer and coffee club leader

Its rich, earthy aroma greets us most mornings when we arrive at the office, courtesy of Julie Watson, a graphic designer at CFCA. She has other talents besides making our print and online materials beautiful.

She makes fantastic cheesecakes … and fabulous coffee.

Julie started a fund for CFCA coffee lovers to donate toward the cost of providing fresh, gourmet coffees. Employees can also bring their favorite brands in place of money.

We’ve sampled and savored brews from El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia and Kenya.

The Juan Ana coffee is a favorite of CFCA coffee lovers. The coffee is cultivated, roasted and packaged by members of the San Lucas Mission in Guatemala. Many of the members of the mission and most of the coffee workers have children in the CFCA sponsorship program.

Michael Calabria, director of planned giving at CFCA, personally orders lavish quantities of dark and medium roast Juan Ana coffees toward the end of the year and offers the coffee for sale to CFCA employees.

“This is the fairest of fair trade coffees,” he said. “Please support our brothers and sisters living in and around the Hermano Pedro Regional Center in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.”

Juan Ana coffees

Juan Ana coffees

(You can order a bag of Juan Ana coffee and learn more about the San Lucas Mission on its website.)

So now you know a little more about the CFCA community.

We’re passionate about helping children, youth and elderly people around the world.

We’re committed to serving those living in poverty through our Hope for a Family sponsorship program.

And many of us are also dedicated to enjoying the delights of freshly brewed coffee. Excuse me while I get another cup.

Note: Thanks also to one of our sponsors, Joy Noel, who generously donated some coffee from this coffee shop in Missouri, More Than Coffee.

May 6 2008

Building relationships through CFCA and Fair Trade

By Charlotte Willenborg, CFCA sponsor

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail about the World’s Largest Coffee Break to be held May 10 at 3 p.m. Eastern time. Hoping to break the record of 3,000 people taking a break at the same time, the Fair Trade Organization wants to educate people about fair prices, fair labor conditions and direct trade agreements. This brought back memories of a CFCA Mission Awareness Trip to Guatemala that I took this past December with my daughter, Dawn, who works for CFCA in the Kansas City office.

During the trip, we met our sponsored children and their families. It was a wonderful experience and it truly gave me an appreciation of the simple beauty and the richness of the Guatemalan culture.

In Guatemala: Charlotte, CFCA-Guatemala staff member Claudia, and Charlotte’s daughter Dawn

While visiting the San Lucas Mission on the third day of our trip, we listened to Father Greg Schaffer talk about the Juan Ana Coffee Project. He told us how Juan Ana coffee, though not part of the famed “Fair Trade” program, is very similar in the respect that it provides a fair price for the farmers of San Lucas Toliman area. The producers in San Lucas actually determine the price they will need for producing and selling the very best coffee they produce. He explained that every aspect of their coffee production: from picking the coffee fruit, drying, sorting, roasting and finally packaging the coffee is done by small independent farmers. These families take great pride in what they produce and are directly involved in deciding how the extra funds they receive will be used to benefit their community.

That day we saw how CFCA partners with the San Lucas Mission to empower people to use their God-given talents to provide a decent standard of living for their families. We left the mission that day with 10 bags of coffee, envisioning how we would invite our parish back home to build a real and lasting relationship with these coffee producers of Guatemala.

Now, on the second Sunday of each month, we sell Juan Ana coffee and “Fair Trade” decaffeinated coffee, tea and chocolate to our parishioners. Our parish takes pride in the fact that we are making choices that respect human dignity and promote economic justice while building a true sense of global solidarity.

I see a great connection between CFCA and Fair Trade. Both organizations are about living out the Gospel call to serve the poor. Both focus on building relationships and recognizing the God-given dignity of each person and their gifts. Both CFCA and Fair Trade provide hope for those who are trapped in poverty.

So on the weekend of May 10, you may want to consider being a part of the World’s Largest Coffee Break by drinking Fair Trade coffee. You can purchase Juan Ana coffee, the best coffee available from Guatemala, through the San Lucas Mission office in New Ulm, Minn. Or you may want to celebrate Mother’s Day by giving a gift of tea, chocolate or flowers (available through “A Greater Gift” Fair Trade).

Thank you, CFCA and Fair Trade, for helping me learn to build relationships.