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Jan 24 2013

Sponsored child crafts ‘clean and green’ turtles from recycled paper

CFCA sponsored child makes recycled paper turtles

Andres in Colombia holds one of the turtles he crafts out of recycled materials.

My name is Andres, and I have been sponsored for six years through CFCA in Colombia.

My father works as a bricklayer and my mother is a housekeeper. My father works by seasons, and sometimes we do not have any income to sustain our family.

One day I had a great idea. I went with my mother to the CFCA office where she met with her mothers group. I like to go and help her during the meetings. At the meeting, I met a mother who knows how to make crafts. She was making many things with plastic, and I was very curious about it. Read more of Andres’ story

Oct 15 2010

A word about water in CFCA communities

CFCA has joined Blog Action Day, which asks bloggers to post about the same issue on the same day every Oct. 15. This year, the subject is about water.

Urban farming in Antipolo, Philippines

Urban farming in Antipolo, Philippines.

According to the Blog Action Day website, access to clean water eludes nearly 1 billion people around the world, and waterborne diseases kill 42,000 people every week.

Our Antipolo, Philippines, project is helping to clean the Angolo River by dropping bokashi balls into it.

Bokashi balls are a mixture of clay, ceramic powder, brown sugar or molasses and rock salt. The balls ferment for a few weeks until infused with beneficial micro-organisms that help break down toxins and food waste.

Finally, they are dropped into the river to dissolve over six months, with the micro-organisms feeding off the balls and water toxins ó the best form of “litter” we could find on the planet!