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Luciana, a 6-year-old sponsored child from Kenya, works on a Christmas card for her sponsor, JoAnne in Kansas.
Oct 12 2016

Don’t forget to mail your holiday greetings!

Share the joy of Christmas.
Christmas is right around the corner, and soon our sponsors will be receiving Christmas cards in their mailboxes from their sponsored friends. Each year, sponsored friends send their greetings at Christmas as a special way to express their gratitude.

Christmas cards give sponsored friends like Luciana (below) a chance to share the joy of the season with their sponsors.

Luciana, a 6-year-old sponsored child from Kenya, works on a Christmas card for her sponsor, JoAnne in Kansas.

Luciana, a 6-year-old sponsored child from Kenya, works on a Christmas card for her sponsor, JoAnne in Kansas.

Many of our sponsored friends start on their Christmas cards in the summer to make sure they reach their sponsors in time.

While it might not take quite as long for you to create a card, we do recommend mailing holiday greetings by the end of October. This leaves plenty of time for the card to reach the local office that serves your sponsored friend, be translated and then hand delivered by our office staff.

Please remember that our international offices are not able to accept packages. For more information about this policy, please contact us at (800) 875-6564 or mail@unbound.org.

Want to avoid the lines at the post office? Check out our eLetter feature.

  • Go to Unbound.org/eletter
  • Log in to your Unbound.org account (if you’ve never logged in, it’s easy to sign up)
  • Select a template, enter your message, attach a photo if you’d like and send!
  • Unbound staff in your friend’s local office will print the letter and deliver it to your friend

Sending an eLetter is fast, simple and doesn’t require postage. And it’s a great way to send your friend a holiday greeting.

Guadalupe is the sister of sponsored child Norma from El Salvador.
Dec 25 2015

Merry Christmas

Guadalupe is the sister of sponsored child Norma from El Salvador.

All of us at Unbound wish you and yours a Christmas filled with joy. May the blessings of this season of hope warm you today and sustain you throughout the new year.

Thank you for being a part of our prophetic community of compassion.

— Scott Wasserman, Unbound president and CEO


Making Christmas cards.
Dec 21 2015

Cards full of love

Every year, sponsored friends of all ages gather to make Christmas cards to send their love and holiday wishes to their sponsors. Check out these photos to get a glimpse at the work that goes into making the Christmas cards.

Send your sponsored friend a Christmas greeting today!

Dec 24 2014

Christmas around the world

From all of the Unbound communities around the world, we wish you a very merry Christmas.

Christmas parties for sponsored friends and their families are made possible through donations to the Christmas Fund. Donate today.

Christmas cards
Dec 10 2014

The journey of a Christmas card

Christmas cards

Christmas cards made by sponsored children in Venezuela.

By Larry Livingston, senior writer/editor

This month, in cities and towns all over the U.S., Unbound sponsors will be receiving Christmas cards from their sponsored friends. A small expression of cheer, gratitude and creativity, these cards have become a cherished Unbound tradition. But what sponsors may not realize is that when their card arrives in their homes it is at the end of a very long journey.

In most of our 21 countries, the process of creating Christmas cards begins in the summer. Following a few practical guidelines set by the Kansas office, the various project staffs form their individual plans. Some will create themes or design templates, while others set wider parameters that allow for more personal creativity.

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Christmas 2013
Dec 25 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from everyone at CFCA! Our office may be closed, but we’re sending you lots of Christmas cheer. As you spend time with your families, we hope you enjoy this Christmas video from El Salvador.

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Sponsored children in Guatemala
Dec 23 2013

4 ways to encourage kids to be more generous

CFCA sponsored child Damaris and her sister at a CFCA Christmas celebration.

Unbound sponsored child Damaris and her sister at an Unbound Christmas celebration.

By Veronica Batton, Unbound writer/editor

A few weeks ago, my older sister shared a photo on her Facebook page of my 5-year-old niece scrubbing the toilet in footie pajamas. As I scrolled through the comments I read that my niece was doing household chores to raise money for a Christmas gift to give to charity.

I thought it was a great idea. With tablets, smartphones, television and the Internet blaring ads for toys and sales, it can be easy to get distracted and stuck in the world of “me.”

Here’s a list of helpful hints to squelch those “I want” moments.

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Dec 2 2013

Meet the artists of CFCA’s 2013 Christmas cards: Kenya

Newton, 23, Kenya

Newton, 23, Kenya

Newton is the final artist featured from our 2013 Christmas Cards. He is a student in Kenya and is working hard to achieve his goals.
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Nov 13 2013

Meet the artists of CFCA’s 2013 Christmas cards: Guatemala

Lisbeth, 13, Guatemala

Lisbeth, 13, Guatemala

Lisbeth and Fredy are the two artists from Guatemala whose artwork was chosen for CFCA’s 2013 Christmas cards.
Both are proud of their heritage. Read more to find out how they included that heritage in their card designs.

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