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Jul 26 2012

CFCA trip highlights love, solidarity and faith

By Christina Cavanaro, a student from Saint Anselm College who traveled with CFCA to Costa Rica. You can also read an edited version of this blog post at the Catholic Young Woman blog.

Christina Cavanaro with Saida during CFCA trip.

Christina Cavanaro with Saida during a CFCA trip.

When I went with 14 participants to Costa Rica in March 2012, I could not have fathomed the experience we had during our week-long stay.

A group of students from Saint Anselm College of Manchester, N.H., set off to a rural area in Costa Rica to work with CFCA in building a house for a family in need.

We met the family in front of their small house on the outskirts of a small neighborhood in which many Nicaraguan refugees had settled.

Their home, like many in this neighborhood, was built with scrap wood and corrugated metal with one line of electricity.

The family of seven included parents Nelson and Genara, four boys and a young girl. The parents worked hard to provide for their family, but they were simply unable to make ends meet.

The family was chosen by CFCA to live in the house that Saint Anselm would help build. Read more