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Jan 7 2010

A few bumps, but going well

Paul Pearce, CFCA international programs director, is currently walking with CFCA President Bob Hentzen and the Walk2gether team.

Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010

Weíre within 4.5 kilometers from the El Salvador border, as of yesterday evening. We will spend today and tomorrow with the community in Jalpatagua, Guatemala. Today was an all-region finalist talent event, and tomorrow a livelihood program showcase.

The walk is going well. A few bumps, but going well. Cristina (Bobís wife) had three toenails removed, and the camper has a new clutch plate (we have lightened the load considerably)… Everyone’s spirits are very high.

We have had some very hot days and lots of climbs. Some of the walk days stretch from 3:30 a.m., when we board the vans, to 7 p.m., when we reach the 40 kilometer mark after dark. The third 10 kilometers of the day is the most difficult ñ ìthe wall,î and sometimes takes twice as long to get through. The enthusiasm is incredible along the road.

In Chiquimulilla we estimate there were 4,000-5,000 CFCA kids, moms, dads and staff on arrival. Yesterday, we had several hundred walkers. The moms, some dads, and children as young as 3, students and elderly are walking significant distances. They seem to understand the difficulty of the walk and its significance.

There are many, many individual stories we’re trying to absorb as we go. One story is that of Stephanie, who is sight impaired, walking 10 kilometers. At one point we were lagging behind the group quite a bit ñ probably 150 yards, so we decided we should run. I was amazed by her. Many stories like this.

We’ll sign off for tonight and get back on tomorrow. Hope everyone survives the storm up there. We’re having high winds.

Take care all. Greetings from many folks along the road. – Paul