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Aug 17 2015

Unbound in Valparaiso, Chile

The Unbound office in Valparaiso, Chile.

The Unbound office in Valparaiso, Chile.

Amanda Heter, Ximena Pacheco-Diaz and Paul Pearce, employees at Unbound headquarters in Kansas, traveled to Chile to meet the Unbound team in Valparaiso and to meet the families in our program. They shared a few highlights from their trip, photos and told us about some of the things happening in Chile.
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Dec 11 2012

‘An amazing, emotional experience:’ Sponsors’ trip to Chile

By Mary and Douglas DeLong, CFCA sponsors

The DeLong family visited their sponsored child on a recent awareness trip to Chile.

The DeLong family visited their sponsored child on a recent CFCA awareness trip to Chile.

Our journey began 12 years ago when we sponsored a Chilean child through Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.

Little did we realize what a journey it would be, or the experiences we would have.

When we started sponsoring Jannier he was 2 years old, and his mother would write us letters.

As he got older, she would include drawings that he had colored. Once Jannier was able, he started writing the letters himself.

We would include pictures of our own family with our letters and, in turn, would receive pictures of him.

His pictures joined the other pictures of our family on the refrigerator, and our son and daughter called him their little brother in Chile.

Jannier and his mother, Miriam, became part of our extended family.

At the end of September my husband, Doug, and I traveled on CFCA’s trip to Valparaiso, Chile, to meet Jannier and his mother. Read more

Nov 14 2012

Chile: A beacon of hope

map of ChileJoin us as we celebrate Geography Awareness Week with National Geographic and friends. This year’s theme is “Geography: Declare Your Interdependence.”

CFCA has worked in Chile since 1982, and currently works with almost 5,000 sponsored friends and their families.

Chile’s unusual proportions ó 2,700 miles long and 109 miles wide ó makes it the longest country in the world in terms of length-to-width ratio.

It is one of the most prosperous countries in South America, but extreme poverty still exists.

CFCAís project in Valparaiso works closely with families, empowering mothers, preserving the dignity of the aging and opening the doors of education for children and youth.

The Valparaiso project hosts a training program for mothers of sponsored children, teaching them income-generating skills to help them increase their household income and save money. Read more

Jul 2 2012

Want to visit your sponsored child or aging friend in Chile?

Do you sponsor a child or aging friend in Chile? Or are you just interested in going to Chile with CFCA? If so, we’d love for you to consider coming on our Sep. 28-Oct. 7 mission awareness trip!

We need a minimum number of travelers to go on this trip in order for it to be cost-effective. If we do not meet this minimum requirement, we unfortunately have to cancel the trip.

(Quick note: A CFCA trip is not a traditional mission trip. You will not be building houses or working in CFCA projects. A mission awareness trip is an in-depth immersion experience that will bring you face to face with the realities of CFCA families. If you also sponsor there, you’ll have an opportunity to meet your sponsored friend.)

So far our trip this year is just one person away from our minimum requirement. A few sponsors who originally signed up have had to cancel because of other time and scheduling conflicts.

The trip cost is $475 per person. Food, lodging and most in-country transportation are included. Airfare is not included.

If you’re interested in going, you can always download a registration packet from our website. Complete one application form per participant, read and sign the code of conduct, and return them along with a non-refundable $100 deposit per person to: CFCA, 1 Elmwood Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66103, Attn: Trip Coordinator.

Other ways to sign up are to call our trip coordinators at 800-875-6564 or email trips@cfcausa.org.

We’d love to know before July 23 whether anyone else is interested in coming. Feel free to share this information with anyone else you know who may be interested.

Thanks so much!

Feb 14 2012

A Valentineís Day story from two sponsored aging friends in Chile

Alicia and Jose in Chile Happy Valentineís Day to the CFCA community!

This report from our project in Valparaiso, Chile, warmed our hearts with its timeless message of hope, dignity and love.

Alicia and Jose, both in their 70s and sponsored through CFCA, were suffering from loneliness.

Alicia was a widow whose children lived far away from her, and Jose was renting a small, windowless room with no access to natural light.

One day they met at the CFCA office. It didnít take long before both realized they had found a special companion with whom to share the journey of life.

Read their love story.

Jan 16 2012

8 games played by sponsored children in Chile

Games CFCA sponsored children play in ChileBy Shanxi Omoniyi, Unbound web editor and writer

If you sponsor a child, have you ever wondered what kinds of games sponsored children play?

Despite the challenges of poverty, kids in developing countries often find joy in playing with whatever they have available. Many of these games don’t require a lot of items, but they keep children entertained for hours!

On a recent awareness trip to Chile, sponsors got to observe and participate in games popular among sponsored children. I was honored to be part of the trip.

We hope you enjoy learning and watching these games as much as we enjoyed playing them! Watch the games in action

Oct 19 2011

A hard day’s work for those living in poverty

By Shanxi Omoniyi, CFCA web editor and writer

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Chile on a CFCA mission awareness trip, and while there I met a woman who put my idea of “a hard day’s work” to shame.

Luisa, mother of a CFCA sponsored child, works in the vineyards in Chile

Luisa, mother of a CFCA sponsored child, is a seasonal vineyard worker in Chile.

Her name is Luisa, and she’s the mother of Javier, a child sponsored through CFCA.

She’s a seasonal vineyard worker, needed only in times of pruning and harvesting.

She started work Oct. 10 and will finish in mid-April, leaving home at 7 a.m. and returning around 6 p.m.

It can take her 20-30 minutes to walk from one side of the vineyard to the other.

Payment for her pains depends on how many boxes she can pick during harvest time or the hours she works when pruning.

If she picks about 100 boxes (each box weighing about 25 pounds), she can make approximately 17,000 pesos ($30 US) a day. Read more

Oct 12 2011

How to make porotos con riendas (Chile recipe)

porotos con riendas, or white beans with spaghetti, from Chile

Porotos con riendas, or white beans with spaghetti - a CFCA recipe from Chile!

CFCA serves more than 4,000 sponsored children and elderly in Chile. Our staff members in Valparaiso sent us this recipe for porotos con riendas, or white beans with spaghetti.

The poroto (white bean) dates back to the migrants who came to South America, crossing the Bering Strait, who brought the seed, planting it mostly in Mexico and Peru. This has been one of the greatest sources of protein for the Latin American people. Varieties include black, white, yellow, etc.

This recipe makes 4-5 plates; white beans need to soak overnight. See the full recipe

Jul 23 2011

Chilean mothers reflect on Walk2gether finale

Walk2gether, the nearly 8,000-mile journey undertaken by CFCA President Bob Hentzen, is over, but the spirit of the walk lives on. Recently the mothers in Chile who organized the finale and decorated Pratt Stadium gathered to reflect on the walk’s culmination. CFCA-Chile staff member Carolina Salazar Herrera sent us this report from Valparaiso.

Bob Hentzen and Walk2gether finale in Chile

Bob Hentzen and thousands of CFCA sponsored members and their families celebrate the end of Walk2gether in Valparaiso, Chile, on June 6, 2011.

The pilgrimage, an act of Christian love to those most in need, represented the unity between the different projects of Latin America.

Don Roberto (Bob) once more demonstrated with this walk that he loves the poor and is an example of hope, of a life of prayer, sacrifice and faith.

The Valparaiso project had an activity in honor of the mothers who supported us on the walk.

They helped us organize and decorate the place where Bob finished this immense work of love, passing on a message of hope, love and dignity to those most in need.

Many mothers offered their impressions on the celebrations:

1) Olga: “I can’t tell you how much seeing Don Roberto affected me. It gave me [a lump] in my chest and made me cry. Every day when I pray, I remember him and I ask God to give him vitality and health so he can continue this beautiful movement with everyone who helps him.”

2) Marcia: “When I saw Don Roberto arriving, I was grateful and content. I never thought I would see this. I told him that thanks to him, his family and the foundation, my children can continue their studies. I have so much to tell him, but at that moment, the words did not come.”

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Jun 23 2011

Sponsorship: ‘Walking together not just with your feet, but your heart’

Cathy Crosby, a CFCA board member, joined Walk2gether during the last leg of its journey through Chile. Here is her reflection on the nearly 8,000-mile walk through 12 countries to show solidarity with those living in poverty.

“La palabra es gratitud.” (The word for the day is gratitude.)

CFCA President Bob Hentzen’s words gathered us in a circle hours before dawn in the rain, the morning of Walk2gether’s last day.

Cathy Crosby, CFCA board member

Cathy Crosby

Dead birds and dry riverbeds along our route had offered silent witness to the plight of the people.

Gratitude for the rain underscored our thanks for months of safety, the gift of one another, and most of all the countless gifts from sponsored friends and their families.

Connection, connectedness and unity (not uniformity) are threads woven through my Walk2gether experience.

These words hint at, but fail to capture, the profound interconnections that are the heart of CFCA.

CFCA and its Hope for a Family sponsorship program are built on loving relationship, beginning with Jesus’ love for his heavenly Father, his earthly parents, each person he encountered, and extending to all of creation.

As a sponsor, I have been privileged to travel to Guatemala and Kenya to be with my sponsored children and their families. That relationship is foundational. Our prayers, letters and photos keep us connected.

Walking is a powerful reminder of our connection to our earth as well as one another.

When walking in darkness or slippery mud, we must take care with each step, often directly in the footsteps of the walkers in front. Those following will step into our footprints.

In daylight we share creation’s countless small gifts: a lingering wildflower, a spectacular cloud formation.

Gravity grounds us and binds us to our planet, yet our spirits soar as each mile unites us as companions on our life journeys.

A sliver of fingernail moon, waves crashing over the seawall, distant mountains and huge sand dunes: these images integrate each physical step with an awareness that our careless misuse of God’s gifts contributes to the burden of our sisters and brothers living in poverty.

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