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Sep 20 2011

Guatemalan moms sell chickens in sponsorship program

Gerver Churunel from our communications center in Guatemala sent us this note about chickens as part of CFCA sponsorship benefits. Never underestimate the power of poultry to make positive change!

CFCA mothers of sponsored children buy chickens at Guatemala market

Mothers of sponsored children buy chickens at market day near the CFCA office in San Jose Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

The Hermano Pedro project in Guatemala is encouraging the growth and self-sufficiency of families in the sponsorship program through investment benefits.

Unlike consumption benefits, investment benefits gain in value from the time they are distributed. A piglet becomes a pig, a seed becomes a fruit-producing plant, etc.

The CFCA community in San Jose Quetzaltenango in western Guatemala delivered chicks as family benefits.

The staff coordinated a market near the CFCA office where mothers sold their adult chickens to other sponsored friends and their families.

“This idea started in 2010 with the Hope for a Family program. The intention of this is to support families so that they generate their own development,” said Floridalma PÈrez, the Quetzaltenango coordinator. Read more

Mar 21 2011

Poultry help fund higher education in Uganda

Anthony and Lawrence are two committed Ugandan youth and close friends who have reason to love chickens.

Anthony and Lawrence in Uganda

From left, Anthony and Lawrence display their latest egg collection from their poultry house.

Every day, the chickens in their poultry house lay about 210 eggs.

The youth, who are sponsored through CFCA’s Hope for a Family program, collect 5,000 Ugandan shillings for the eggs (about $2.14 US).

The profit from this venture helps fund Anthony’s computer science degree and Lawrence’s psychology degree. They started raising poultry so that both of them could go to university.

“If it were not for CFCA believing in us, we would not have made it this far,” Anthony said.

Read more about Anthony and Lawrence’s story.