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Mar 22 2011

‘Thanks, CFCA, for offering hope, love and dignity’

We recently received this letter from Cecilia Hern·ndez, a formerly sponsored child who now works for CFCA in Guatemala.

I am sending my most sincere greetings on this occasion. I hope that you are very much blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, and may peace reign supreme in your heart.

Cecilia and family in Guatemala

Cecilia Hern·ndez, far right, graduated from the CFCA Hope for a Family sponsorship program in 2008. She now works for CFCA as a social worker. Pictured with Cecilia are members of her family, including her mother, far left.

I would like to tell you with much pleasure about my experience during my sponsorship. More than 14 years ago, my mother approached CFCA to get help for our family.

Thank God that I managed to belong to the program. I spent my childhood and youth with CFCA.

I noticed that I was different from the other children because I had someone (Cecilia’s sponsor, Susan Alexander) who cared about me. I truly felt very fortunate.

When I was 7 years old I suffered from Hepatitis A, and the doctor told my mother that the expenses to cure me would be great.

CFCA offered to cover all the expenses of my sickness and thanks to the help of my sponsor and CFCA, I recovered fully.

With a lot of effort and support from my parents and CFCA, in 2008 I managed to graduate from school and in the middle of the following year I retired from the program.

Then CFCA allowed me to return but with another, more important role. At present I am working with CFCA as a social worker in the Hermano Pedro project in Guatemala for more than a year now.

I serve the sponsored members and their families, and I feel blessed to be able to continue being a member of this great family.

CFCA changed my life definitively. Now that I have this responsibility with the sponsored members, it signifies for me a kind of spiritual growth because I see in every child the little child I was.

Thanks, CFCA, for offering hope, love and dignity to the sponsored members and their families.

I can very proudly say that you did restore the dignity of my family, and, of course, you restored mine. All my family is very grateful to you.

I say goodbye with the confidence that God, the Father Almighty, will guide your spirit and will shower blessings on you and everyone who is by your side.

Yours sincerely,
Cecilia Hern·ndez

Note: We let Susan, Cecilia’s former sponsor, know of Cecilia’s letter. Susan sponsored Cecilia from 1996 to 2009. “I’m just thrilled to hear about her and that she’s doing so well,” Susan said.