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Sep 4 2015

Going to the grocery store

getting benefitsWhen you send in your sponsorship contribution, how does that money get to your friend? How do we tailor benefits to meet the needs of each sponsored friend and their family? In this photo essay, we’ll show you how one family in Kenya gets the sponsorship benefits they need.

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Mar 18 2013

23 quick tips to cut international travel costs

CFCA scholars in Bolivia

Alison, a CFCA sponsored youth, and Felix, brother of a CFCA sponsored child, perform a dance to welcome sponsors on a CFCA awareness trip to Bolivia.

Interested in traveling internationally, but unsure how much it will cost? With a little planning and budgeting, the costs may not be as formidable as you think.

CFCA’s awareness trip coordinators Karen Allemang, Stacy King and Erika McDonnell provide 23 helpful tips for reducing overall travel costs:

Disclaimer: Saving a few dollars here and there is not worth risking your personal safety. Please use common sense when planning personal travel and make safe choices.

Research lodging options

  • Look into whether it is less expensive to join a package tour, stay at an all-inclusive resort, or plan your own adventure (reserving your own transportation to your destination, in-country transportation, lodging and activities). You might be surprised at the price difference, depending on the type of trip you are considering.
  • Consider staying at a local bed and breakfast, hostel or small family-run hotel. They are usually less expensive and will give you a local taste of the country plus recommendations on what to do in the area.
  • Explore affordable entertainment options and activities.
  • †Borrow travel books from the library about your destination. A lot of museums offer free entry once a month. Take these days into consideration while planning.
  • If you qualify for a student or senior discount, make the best use of it! Many hotels, parks, museums and transportation services offer these types of discounts.

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