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Mar 1 2011

“We the blessed should help others”: Teen travels with CFCA

Brennen, 13, went recently with his mother and grandparents on a mission awareness trip to the Philippines. His testimony is incredible and deeply moving. Read on …

Going into this trip I had no idea what to expect.

The plane ride was long and tiring. The Philippines is on a 14-hour (time) difference (from our starting point) so we got there at 1 a.m.

Immediately I noticed the climate change. I saw the difference between our driving and theirs. The transportation was so much different.

Rey and Brennen

Rey and Brennen meet during Brennen’s trip to the Philippines.

We went to a hotel to get some sleep and a shower before CFCA came and got us. On the first day all the mission awareness trip delegates got to know one another and then had Mass followed by dances.

I ended up ìtryingî the dance. My mom laughed at me.

The next morning we went to the Dumagat tribe to see how the people live. There we got to meet my grandparents’ sponsored child, Lily Mae, whom I had written to a couple of times.

We got to help plant bamboo trees with other sponsors and children and learn about tribal life.

The next day we got to visit the Manila project and see a small community. The following day we went to Naga and then to the Quezon project.

That day we walked into this giant gym filled with thousands of people who didnít even know us. They treated us like we were their own sponsors.

They put on an amazing show, and then we heard a little girlís story about what CFCA has done to change her life. That made everyone cry.

The next day we went and visited some subprojects and got to know our angels (CFCA scholarship students) very well. My angel, Mary Joy, was so fun to be around.

Toward the end of our stay in the Philippines, we went to the Legazpi project. I got to meet my sponsored friend, Rey, whom Iíd been pen pals with for years.

At first we both were a little shy; then by day two, youíd think weíd known each other for years.

The night that we met him he gave his testimony, which made me cry more than I ever had before, and as Iím writing this, tears are coming to my eyes.

Thatís how powerful CFCA really is. I never felt closer to God than during the trip.

A few weeks after the trip, I spent the night at my friendís house. On Sunday we went to Mass and in the homily the pastor talked about developing countries and that we should go out and serve.

That was the Mass where it all clicked. When he said, ìGo out and serve the Lord and try to pray a difficult prayer for those in need,î he looked at me.

I was in the middle of at least 1,000 people, and he looked at me. I know that was God telling me what he wanted me to do in my life.

Even though Iím only 13, God told me then that He wants me to be a missionary. We the blessed should help others who need blessings.

Trust me. CFCA can help.