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Oct 4 2012

CFCA birthday celebrations in Guatemala, Colombia

Did you know that for many of our sponsored children and aging friends, a CFCA birthday celebration may be the first time they’ve ever formally celebrated their birthdays?

These much-anticipated celebrations often include family members and others in the local community.

Here are a few photos of recent CFCA birthday celebrations in Guatemala, Colombia and India. They were too precious not to share with you!

Edgar, CFCA sponsored child in Guatemala, and birthday celebration

Edgar, left, a sponsored children in Guatemala, is really enjoying his cake! A birthday tradition in Guatemala calls for the birthday child to eat the cake without utensils, and when they lean in to take a bite, they are pushed into it.

CFCA sponsored children in Colombia and their birthday celebrations

It’s a special day in Colombia as sponsored children wait for their birthday cake and drinks.

Leydi, sponsored child in Guatemala, and a big birthday cake

Little Leydi from Guatemala is excited to join in the CFCA birthday festivities. She can have her cake and eat it, too.

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Mar 29 2011

Happy birthday, Bob Hentzen!

An open letter to CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen from Kansas City.

Bob Hentzen's 75th birthday

From left, Cristina Hentzen and CFCA President Bob Hentzen.

Dear Bob,

Happy 75th birthday!

You’re the president of CFCA, but to many of us you’re also a friend ñ one who takes the time to meet us at our desks, shake our hands, smile and ask how our day is going.

Without your vision and those friends and family who founded CFCA with you, we wouldn’t be here today.

Because of you and our sponsors who have partnered with CFCA, we are privileged to serve more than 300,000 individuals and their families living in poverty.

We want to keep serving and growing ñ thanks to your courage and faith.

Godspeed to you, Cristina and all those with you on Walk2gether. We’re sure they will help you celebrate your birthday in Chile!

Peace from

All of us at CFCA in Kansas City

Send your own birthday wishes to Bob with a comment below or on Bob’s Facebook page.

P.S. Enjoy this video of our singing happy birthday to Bob!

Dec 16 2010

Fox 4 KC features Matthew giving $375 in birthday money to CFCA

Matthew Garr

There’s a great report from Fox 4 KC about Matthew Garr, 11, from Lenexa, Kan.

He contributed $375 in birthday money to his family’s sponsored child, Magdalena, in Guatemala. Magdalena is also 11 years old.

What you may not know is that Matthew has done this three years in a row!

We have followed the progress of this remarkable young man in two previous blog posts as he donated money to CFCA from his ninth, tenth and now 11th birthdays.

Dec 9 2010

CFCA receives birthday donation from 9-year-old

This precious letter from the daughter of two CFCA sponsors made our day!


ìDear workers at the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging,

My name is Zoe. I am donating some money toward this foundation. My family sponsors Ariel, so I thought that it would be nice to collect money for the Christian Foundation.

I have been collecting money or items for different businesses for five years now. I ask for items or money for different businesses at my birthday parties. This year, on my ninth birthday, I asked for money for this business instead of birthday presents.

I collected $80.00, which you will find enclosed in this envelope.

I am glad to be helping people like Ariel. So are Mom and Dad.


A word from her parents: “Zoe decided on her own to collect money for her birthday for CFCA, and she wrote her letter to you on her own – we did not help. Also, since this picture was taken, she donated her hair to “Locks of Love” in honor of her grandma who is a cancer survivor.”

Mar 29 2010

Happy birthday, Bob!

Today, CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen turned 74. Although Bob is in Venezuela today, the Kansas staff still celebrated his birthday.

Some creative staff made a sign …

Happy birthday, Bob!

… decorated appropriately:

Close up of shoe and Bob the traveler

And, of course, in true CFCA style, there was music and singing:

Music and singing in honor of Bob's birthday

Happy birthday, Bob!

~From the CFCA Kansas staff

Jul 24 2009

Generosity will bring joy

By Richard Swan, CFCA sponsor

This will be the fourth year in a row that youth from our parish, Church of the Risen Christ in Denver, Colo., will be going to Guatemala. This year, we opened the trip up to the entire parish, and we have 18 adults joining 14 teens to build a home in Santiago. Each participant sponsors a child or aging person in Guatemala and will get to meet and spend time with their sponsored friend.

Each year, our parish has been very supportive of CFCA sponsorship and generous with financial donations and other items to take to the children and families in San Lucas Toliman.

At all Masses during one weekend in June, we asked for help to cover the cost of building materials for the house, estimated by CFCA to be about $3,500. In that one weekend, we collected more than enough to build the house. As a result of the generosity of fellow parishioners, one family will get to experience the joy of having a new home. The parish staff also approved giving the childrenís collections from all Masses as a gift to the CFCA Birthday and Christmas Fund. The children of our parish gave $800 to that special fund. What joy hundreds of children will experience because of the generosity of the children of our parish.

New Spanish books for children in GuatemalaBut the generosity doesnít end there! One parishioner purchased over $1,200 of new Spanish books for us to give to the school in San Lucas. We hope the joy of having those books will be felt for years to come. Another parishioner donated 35 pairs of new, protective goggles for the work site. A women’s group at our parish made more than 150 rosaries to take on our trip. We also received 35 soccer balls, youth and high school soccer jerseys, shoes and warm-up suits. Those will bring joy to a lot of children who love playing soccer. And, at Vacation Bible School, parish children made little stuffed turtles with notes in Spanish that tell the children in Guatemala that “God loves you.” Joy, pure and simple!

Soccer suppliesGenerosity begets more generosity. As others heard about our trip, more donations kept coming in, and we will be able to help the San Lucas Mission continue many life-giving projects. Some parishioners accepted our invitation to pay for some of the more expensive parts of the home, such as doors and windows. This week we received a donation of 230 new Colorado T-shirts, with sizes ranging from toddler to adult.

The people of San Lucas and Guatemala will see the generosity of their friends in Denver and Colorado. And we will see the joy on their faces. But the greatest gift of all will be just being with the people, or as CFCA says it, walking with the poor. From Colorado to Guatemala, GENEROSITY will bring JOY.

The group from the Church of the Risen Christ leaves today for Guatemala. We wish them a safe and wonderful trip.

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