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Apr 11 2012

Backgrounder on birth certificates for sponsored children

Birth certificates in Kenya

Millicent worked hard to acquire birth certificates for her children Robert, left, and Ben, right, both sponsored through Unbound.

What’s in a name? Depending on where you live, it can mean a whole lot of difference, especially when it comes to government documents such as birth certificates.

Many sponsored children, aging friends and their family members in our Kisumu, Meru and Nairobi projects in Kenya do not have birth certificates.

The reasons for this vary. Sometimes parents cannot afford to deliver their children in hospitals.

Because there’s no one to notify the government when births occur at home, many of these children end up without a birth certificate.

A birth certificate is a copy of an official government document that proves you exist. It gives you an identity and validates your importance to society.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, for those without birth certificates to gain formal employment, open bank accounts and own property.

Unbound has undertaken an initiative to help families obtain official birth certificates. Through this initiative, we’re taking steps to empower them to take control of their futures and create a positive self-identity.

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