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May 7 2012

Sponsored aging friend creates beauty with beadwork

By Regina Mburu, Unbound communications liaison in Kenya

Beadwork by Unbound sponsored aging friend in Kenya

Leah, 72, sponsored through CFCA in Kenya, has learned how to make beautiful jewelry from wastepaper. She also weaves baskets for a living.

At 72 years old, Leah is loving life enough to learn two whole new trades.

Leah has been sponsored through the Unbound program in Kenya since 2003. Recently she has taken up basket weaving and making jewelry out of recycled wastepaper.

“This work keeps me so busy that I forget any problems I might be having,” she says. “You know when you are busy, you don’t fall sick.”

It wasn’t always this easy for Leah. She has seven children, three of whom have passed away, and 18 grandchildren.

Leah’s husband died in 1977, leaving her to take care of the seven children.

At that time Leah worked as a hospital cleaner, and her earnings were not enough to provide for her family.

“My neighbors saw my plight, and they introduced me to the Unbound Hope for a Family program,” Leah said. Read more