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Oct 16 2011

Blog Action Day: How food affects us all

Food: Blog Action Day 2011CFCA has joined Blog Action Day, which asks bloggers to post about the same issue on the same day. This year, the subject is about food.

According to the Blog Action Day website, this is “an opportunity to open the conversation about how food impacts all of us ñ individually and globally.”

We’ll start with the global overview on food and then focus on something you can do individually to connect with your sponsored friend through eating (always a fun activity!).

Globally ñ putting food on the table

To improve long-term food security, CFCA has a food assistance fund to support the nutritional and food security needs for families in our sponsorship program.

See this video from our archives about how sponsorship benefits and CFCA food grants can help families put food on the table for years, even after sponsorship has ended.


A powerful way to connect with people from different cultures is to prepare and taste food from their own countries.

We’ve collected a wealth of recipes from the countries in which CFCA works. Perhaps for Blog Action Day, you could try one or two of these!

How does this topic affect you and your family? We welcome your comments!