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May 11 2011

Colombian family rebuilds after flooding

One of CFCA’s goals is to provide a stable, tranquil presence in the lives of our sponsored friends.

This is especially important when natural disasters or economic catastrophes strike in the communities we serve.

Stiven, a CFCA sponsored child in Colombia

Stiven, a sponsored child in Colombia.

A sponsored child in Colombia, Stiven, woke up in December 2010 to find his family’s house had been destroyed by heavy flooding and mudslides.

Tr·nsito Hern·ndez, coordinator of the Antioquia project in Colombia, wrote to us about that day.

“This family had, very painstakingly, tried to construct a house with a roof made of plastic and other discarded materials,” she wrote. “But when the ravine that protected his house caved in from the rains and mudslides, Stiven was surprised to awake to a broken water main and a house buried by rocks.

“Miraculously no one was hurt.”

The family needed immediate assistance to build a retaining wall, but the community didn’t have the resources needed for the reconstruction.

CFCA approved the project’s request to use the disaster assistance fund to help build the new wall.

Today Stiven’s family is doing well and is extremely active in the CFCA community. Stiven’s mother, Blanca, has learned accounting through CFCA’s livelihood workshops and has managed to buy two sewing machines for her tailoring business.

“In this family, it is inspiring to see how, through their strong values and CFCAís personal outreach, or rather, the strength of God, they can surpass this great difficulty,” Tr·nsito wrote.

Please keep Stiven’s family in your prayers as they continue to rebuild from the flooding.

Nov 5 2008

Notes from the Field #4 – Honduras

Melissa Velazquez, a mission awareness trip coordinator for CFCA, talks about the support of education in Honduras by CFCA parents.