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Jun 21 2012

Dan Nguyen’s post-trip report

Recently CFCA sponsor Dan Nguyen attempted to climb Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina. Although neither he nor his fellow climbers reached the summit, he learned many important lessons along the way and appreciates the support he received from the CFCA community. Here are his reflections on his amazing experience.

Daniel - Mountain climber

Daniel, pictured at the top of Uhuru Peak at Mt. Kilimanjaro, attempted to climb Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina. Read his report to get the whole story.

Trudging up the mountain allowed for fascinating stories from fellow climbers about their previous adventures. From climbing Antarctica in minus 60 degrees wind-swept blizzard, to wading waist-deep in the South Pacific mosquitoes-infested, tropical jungles to commemorate WWII battle sites, my fellow climbers enthralled my imagination.

But the journey also included moments when we were too exhausted to talk, or during the silent nights under the star-lit sky where the most provoking conversations took place only with God. Why am I struggling up this desolate mountain? What wounds am I asking to be healed in this harsh environment? What would you like me to do when I am back home?

Everybody has a mountain to climb in their lives, and the going can be exhausting. But the joy is there just for the trudging along toward a worthy goal. From relationship to money issues, from raising children to maintaining good health, at times we all have wished for a better day. Read more