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Oct 1 2013

CFCA employee celebrates 30 year anniversary

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Today is a big anniversary day here at CFCA headquarters in Kansas!

Employee Linda Miller is celebrating her 30th year with CFCA.

She comes in second as the longest serving employee only to President and co-founder, Bob Hentzen.
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Nov 18 2011

Protectors of the bond: CFCA’s role between sponsor, sponsored

By Shanxi Omoniyi, CFCA web editor and writer

Rosa, second from left; William, center; and Christine Homolka visit their sponsored child, Sofia, left, in Chile on a 2011 mission awareness trip.

The Homolkas (Rosa, second from left; William, center; and Christine) visit their sponsored child, Sofia, left, in Chile on a 2011 mission awareness trip.

This Sunday, Nov. 20, CFCA turns 30 years old!

There’s something powerful about reaching the third decade of one’s life. You might say we’re in our early adulthood.

We’re more seasoned than we were 15 or even 10 years ago.

We have some life experience regarding what works and what doesn’t, but we’re still young enough to have a sense of adventure about our future.

As we look back to gain a better sense of what lies ahead, some things have definitely changed.

Our “Hope for a Family” model of sponsorship, introduced during the last several years, has placed more emphasis and responsibility on the families in our sponsorship program.

They’re our partners, not merely passive beneficiaries. (See Dan Pearson’s blog post, “From beneficiaries to partners,” for more context.) Read more

Mar 3 2011

Nurturing potential for 25 years in El Salvador

In December 2010, CFCA celebrated its 25th anniversary of service in El Salvador. Henry Flores, director of the communications center in El Salvador and an employee of CFCA there for 16 years, offers this reflection.

I was first introduced to CFCA in 1995 when I was returning from the U.S. where I had lived and studied for seven years.

The CFCA office in Santa Ana, in El Salvador, needed to hire a translator. Though I wasn’t the best translator, I was blessed to be given the opportunity.

Henry Flores

Henry Flores

My first thought about the job was, “This should be a nice way to readjust myself to the country and make some income until I find something better to do.”

The days passed and little by little, I reconnected with my roots and started to learn from the people of my country, those who are hidden in their cardboard, rusted metal sheet and old wood houses, those we call “the poor.”

They taught me that “rich” is not about how much you have, but how little you need. This made a permanent impact on my heart and what started as a temporary job has become a 16-year passion for service.

People living in poverty constantly humble me with their reality and difficult life burdens but unbelievable resilience and faith.

In December 2010, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of CFCA’s service in El Salvador. Twenty-five is an easy number to say but the stories and miracles behind it are endless.

I have witnessed the life transformation of thousands of sponsored members and their families, becoming better trained to build their own path out of poverty with the tools provided by CFCA.

Many of the children sponsored by CFCA in these 25 years are now adults, who have been able to break the circle of poverty, live with stronger family values and understand the importance of education.

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