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Apr 4 2012

Lenten reflection: Living in the light of the Resurrection

Allan Weinert, CFCA board memberHere is the last of the Lenten reflections. This one is from CFCA board member Father Allan Weinert, C.SS.R. We hope you have learned from and enjoyed these as much as we did!

Happy Easter! April is a welcome month because those of us who live in northern hemispheres know that the heavy snows are over.

April also brings the good news that Christ is risen. Easter celebrates life after death and proclaims joyfully that Christ is with us. Winter will never be the final season of our existence.

Easter means living in the light of the Resurrection. Over these past days, in private prayer and public liturgy, we remember the story of our salvation.

We remember the violence we did to the Son of God and the love Jesus returned to us in bearing it. We who fashioned the cross are now saved by it.

Easter reveals God to us as no other celebration has ever done. On that morning life triumphed over death. Christ rose from the dead and we too shall rise from the dead on the last day.

Belief in the resurrection is a doctrine that we are taught, but it is also an attitude that engages us on every level of our being. It is the work of a lifetime and the hope of eternity. Read more