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A Kenyan woman feeding chickens.
Sep 13 2017

Kenyan women turn to the earth for support

Three women get ahead through agriculture

Mothers across the world are unlocking their entrepreneurial spirit of with support from Unbound’s sponsorship program.

Margaret, Mariam and Jane, three women from Kenya, have explored opportunities to get ahead through agriculture. For Margaret and Jane, small loans from their Unbound mothers group helped them make their livelihoods a reality. Mothers groups comprise parents of sponsored children, including some dads. Together, the members of the group provide support and encouragement as they face trials of living in poverty.

While each woman has pursued a different agricultural venture, they’ve all been able to take another step in their journey toward economic self-sufficiency.


A Kenyan woman feeding chickens.

Margaret feeds her chickens. She’s seen her poultry farm grow thanks to a small loan from her mothers group.

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From left: Maria, Concepcion C., Jesus, Rosa and Concepcion T. This group of mothers created a business raising chompipollo.
Jan 18 2017

A growing business raising chicks

Guatemalan women work together in poultry venture

From left: Maria, Concepcion C., Jesus, Rosa and Concepcion T. This group of mothers in Guatemala created a poultry business.

From left: Maria, Concepcion C., Jesus, Rosa and Concepcion T. This group of mothers created a business raising chompipollo.

Unbound has long encouraged creative livelihood initiatives for families in our programs. Five enterprising women from Guatemala have taken that encouragement to heart in starting their own poultry business.

Maria, Concepcion C., Jesus, Rosa and Concepcion T. are all moms in the same community. They each have children who are sponsored through the Unbound program, and it’s through this connection that they met.

“The staff has always encouraged us [parents] to start our own business,” Jesus said. “We thought this is something we like, we talked and we just said, ‘Let’s do it.’ We are happy that all five of us are doing this business; it’s a great benefit for all of us.”
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Cecilia, Josefina and Walter.
Feb 24 2016

Chicken farm allows for more opportunities

Cecilia, Josefina and Walter.

Cecilia, Josefina and Walter.

Seven years ago, Walter’s family grew a whole lot bigger when they requested 12 baby chicks as part of their sponsorship benefit from Unbound.

Walter and Cecilia live in Guatemala with their five children, including their 13-year-old daughter Josefina, who is sponsored through Unbound. After learning about Unbound through their niece, who is also sponsored, Walter and Cecilia approached Unbound to see if Josefina was eligible for the program.

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Oct 7 2011

Former sponsored youth finds faith, hope through CFCA support

By Juan Rene, now 20 and both a former sponsored child and CFCA scholar in Honduras.

Since I was a child, I always told myself I would never forget CFCA.

CFCA scholar Juan Rene from Honduras. He is studying to be an engineer in agricultural administration after growing up in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa.

It was directly involved in my development for 10 years, supporting me with education, clothing and nutrition to give my world faith and hope, transforming my mind into something useful to my family and society.

In my childhood I lived in Colonia la Trinidad, one of the poorest neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa along the banks of the Choluteca River.

After five months, a hurricane left my family and me on the streets, sweeping away what my mother had constructed as a single mother.

With my brothers, Edwin, 4, and Moises, 5 months, in 1998 we moved to a shelter closer to where my mother was working when the hurricane hit our community.

Months later, a volunteer at the CFCA project in Suyapa, Fanny, arrived at our home and determined I was eligible for sponsorship.

During 1999-2002, we lived in Trebol. I finished primary school full of enthusiasm, knowing I could count on my sponsor’s assistance.

Her faithful support provided me with new shoes and a school uniform every year, food, Christmas celebrations and other benefits that only CFCA could provide for me in spite of living in a place without love, with much violence and above all, in extreme poverty.

Upon leaving school well-trained with excellent grades, I started at a community technical school, always maintaining my relationship with my sponsor.

I turned in my letters regularly and kept my grades up.

During this time I was a leader in the community, helping volunteer with the New Yearís lectures on the projectís anniversary and at Christmas.

I helped with caring for sponsored aging and special-needs children, since my brother suffered from hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid inside the skull, causing brain swelling).

The years 2006-2007 were one of the toughest, but also most important, stages of my life. Read more

Oct 22 2009

Notes from the Field – Bolivia

Jose Rodriguez, CFCA’s project director for South America, talks about his recent visit to Bolivia where he witnessed the work being done by two CFCA scholarship students, Juan and Jhaneth. The students are helping to give back to their own communities by working with families to build greenhouses and teaching local mothers to read.

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