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Clair Paul, center, with some of her fellow Outreach team coworkers.
Jan 25 2017

Get started and get involved

Easy steps to becoming an advocate for Unbound

Clair Paul, center, with some of her fellow Outreach team coworkers.

Clair Paul, center, with some of her fellow Outreach team coworkers.

By Clair Paul, lead Outreach Coordinator for Unbound

It’s 2017 and we are excited to start a new year, set new goals and find new ways to share Unbound in communities around the country.

Last year, more than 1,700 children and elders were sponsored because our supporters talked about Unbound to people they know. Wow! That’s 1,700 families that can now send their kids to school, put healthy food on the table and know that someone believes in them reaching for their dreams.

And all because somebody was willing to start a conversation.

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Unbound's US Outreach Team.
Jan 4 2017

Start the conversation about Unbound!

Helping spread the word about Unbound can be fun and easy. Check out this video to get some ideas and find out who to contact to learn more about telling others about Unbound.

Visit unbound.org/volunteer and start the conversation today!

Jul 21 2009

101 letters in 11 years

By Al and Diane Schumacher, CFCA sponsors

We have eight children, 20 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and all of this is important to our story about CFCA.

Our youngest son and his wife could not have children, so they adopted baby Carlos from Guatemala 11 years ago. Later, they also adopted a little girl from Guatemala.

About the same time as the adoption of Carlos, a priest came to our parish in Milwaukee, Wis., and talked with parishioners about CFCA. We decided that in thanksgiving for our sonís and his wifeís blessing, we would sponsor a child in Guatemala.

Gaby, age 12Gabina (see photograph at age 12) was 2 years old when we began sponsoring her and her family. That was 11-and-a-half years ago.

When we began our relationship with Gaby, her family and friends wrote to us on her behalf. Of course, we responded. Now Gaby writes to us. To date, we’ve received 101 letters, six cards and 23 photographs!

About 18 months ago, we took a cruise which included a stop in Guatemala. CFCA arranged for us to meet with Gaby, her mother (actually her grandmother: her mother died at childbirth), a translator and a social worker. Their driver picked them up at 2 a.m. and drove cross-country for eight hours to meet with us. We had five wonderful hours to spend with Gaby and her escorts before they left for their eight-hour return trip home.

What a memorable visit! It was more than just the highlight of our cruise. Now we hope that someday there will be another visit.

When Gaby writes, she always thanks us and tells of her and her familyís appreciation for all we do for them. If only they could realize that what they do for us is so much more!

Thank you, CFCA, for introducing Gaby to us.

Jun 11 2009

Are there guidelines to help protect the privacy of my friend?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. Does CFCA have any guidelines I should follow to write about my sponsorship online or in print?

A. Telling your story is one of the best ways you can help spread the good news of sponsorship. Blogs, Web sites and social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter provide sponsors with outlets to share your experiences and encourage others to connect with a child or aging person living in poverty. We do ask that you follow a few simple guidelines for the protection and privacy of sponsored children, aging friends and families.

Please use only the first name, age and country when identifying sponsored friends and their families online or in print. We ask that you refrain from including last names, specific locations or other personal information that could compromise the security or privacy of sponsored friends and their families. Also, please do not post or reproduce the family record included with your sponsorship materials.

Thank you for sharing your sponsorship experience, and helping to ensure the safety and privacy of those we serve.

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Feb 23 2009

The power of one

By Kim Plumb, member of the advocacy team

NeemaNeema, shown here in the picture at the right, may be young but he already knows the power one person has to make a difference in the world. Thatís because a person named Vanessa made a huge impact in his life. Neema is a sponsored child, receiving care through the CFCA project in Tanzania. Before sponsorship, his situation was bleak. But when Vanessa stepped forward to become his sponsor, he began receiving life-giving benefits, including medication to treat his illness. Today, his life is much different.

CFCA advocates know that there are many more children like Neema, who need a sponsor to make a difference in their lives. Thatís why, from March until the end of May, we are inviting our advocates to participate in a special sponsorship drive called The Power Of One. During this time frame, their challenge is to accept One folder and Find One Sponsor.

Did you know that if each advocate found JUST ONE sponsor, it would be enough to sponsor all the children waiting in Bolivia, Peru and Nicaragua! Thatís incredible. Please keep our advocates in your thoughts and prayers for a successful sponsorship drive.

If you are interested in learning more about the advocacy program, or participating in the Power of One campaign, contact the advocacy team at 800.875.6564, or by e-mail at cfcaoutreach@cfcausa.org.