A young woman in traditional Guatemalan attire holds a necklace made with a historic coin.
Mar 6 2017

Celebrating arts and culture in Unbound — part 2

Sponsored members celebrate history and faith

Individual creativity in the Unbound community is rich, as we saw in last week’s story. The community traditions and celebrations also run deep, telling the stories of ancestors and faith through dance, parades and other ceremonies. Keep reading

Two elderly men in El Salvador play guitar and sing together.
Mar 3 2017

Celebrating arts and culture in Unbound — part 1

Sponsored youth, elders express themselves in art

Two elders in El Salvador play guitar and sing together.

Juan (left), who has since passed away, sings while another sponsored elder, Francisco, accompanies him on the guitar.

The world is host to a myriad of cultures and traditions, and in the Unbound community we have the opportunity to learn about ways people around the world express culture, history and faith. From poets to musicians to participants in nationwide celebrations, people sponsored through Unbound eagerly share their talents and passions with the world. This is the first of a two-part blog series highlighting arts and culture in our community. Keep reading

Eustaquia stands arm in arm with her husband, Felipe, outside their home. After his accident, she became the family's main provider.
Mar 1 2017

An eye for value that others overlook

Elder in Mexico recycles for a living

People committed to recycling recognize beauty and worth in what others discard. Some also recognize a way to generate income. Eustaquia is an elder who recycles to earn a living. Now 76, she lives in Mexico with her husband, Felipe, whom she describes as her “wonderful companion.” Together, they raised seven children, now all grown and married.

Felipe was seriously injured in an accidental shooting 14 years ago, after which he suffered debilitating memory loss and was unable to work. As a result, Eustaquia needed to find a way to earn an income and began recycling.

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From left: Chandler Johnson, Erica Braker and Amanda Burian represented Unbound at the third annual SMCKC AMPS Awards.
Feb 27 2017

Unbound wins gold for social media campaign

Our Giving Tuesday campaign raised more than $83,000 for scholarships

From left: Chandler Johnson, Erica Braker and Amanda Burian represented Unbound at the third annual SMCKC AMPS Awards.

From left: Chandler Johnson, Erica Braker and Amanda Burian represented Unbound at the third annual SMCKC AMPS Awards.

For the second year in a row, Unbound has been named a gold winner at the SMCKC AMPS Awards. The AMPS Awards are presented by the Social Media Club of Kansas City, the most active of Social Media Club Global’s nearly 350 chapters worldwide. The awards, which are named for the word “amplify,” honor excellence in social media throughout Greater Kansas City.

Unbound took home the gold in the nonprofit, in-house team, multi-channel category for our Giving Tuesday campaign. Our social media team exceeded the campaign donation goal by nearly 400 percent, raising more than $83,000 to fund scholarships for enterprising students around the world.

The campaign highlighted stories of young adults, like Ralldy from Guatemala, who are fighting for their dreams to finish school and get good jobs to help support their families and communities. Donations to Unbound’s scholarship fund allow young people around the world to continue their educations in secondary schools, technical schools or university programs. By telling students’ stories through social media, Unbound opens the door to people who want to celebrate generosity.

“Social media is an important part of how we tell the incredible stories of young people in our program who are working hard to achieve their dreams,” said Joe Sundermeyer, director of outreach at Unbound. “We are honored to be recognized for our efforts in helping connect these important stories with people who want to make a positive difference in the world.”

Last year, Unbound won a gold award in the nonprofit, in-house team, Facebook category for our Birthday Week campaign. The campaign highlighted children waiting for a sponsor during the first week of their birthday month. It led to 77 percent of the featured kids getting sponsored.

Feb 24 2017

Unbound Global Points Program

How to earn a trip to visit your sponsored friend

Two women hugging in El Salvador.

Sponsor Cathy (right) gives a squeeze to a sponsored elder, Blanca, on an awareness trip to El Salvador. Cathy and Bill from Wisconsin sponsor 5-year-old Jennifer in El Salvador.

Unbound is pleased to announce the new Global Points Program (formerly known as the Ambassador Points Program). As an Unbound supporter, you can earn points toward an awareness trip through sharing the word about Unbound! Keep reading

Sponsored elder Eusebio, 73, from Guatemala.
Feb 22 2017

Enjoying the benefits of restored health

Guatemalan elder finds new perspective on life

Eusebio enjoys some time outdoors with his "soulmate," wife Tiburcia.

Eusebio enjoys some time outdoors with his “soulmate,” wife Tiburcia.

Sometimes a person doesn’t realize how bad things have been until they begin to see how much better they can be.

That’s the way it was for sponsored elder Eusebio, 73, from Guatemala. Six years ago he injured his leg while collecting firewood. But because he couldn’t afford proper medical care, the wound never healed and eventually developed into a trophic ulcer.

When Eusebio became sponsored through Unbound in 2014, he was finally able to see a doctor. He learned just how close he had come to losing his leg and, possibly, his life. He began receiving treatment, which continues today.

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Becky Findley (left) with fellow Unbound Trailblazer Xandra Alpiser.
Feb 20 2017

Reflections from an Unbound Trailblazer

Finding inspiration to push through to the end of a race

By Becky Findley, Unbound International Evaluations Manager and Unbound Trailblazer

We’ve all been there. That point during a run when you begin to think — “how much longer? Why am I even doing this anyway?” Unbound Trailblazer and staff member Becky Findley shares her reflection on her pursuit to overcome these feelings and become a “real” runner.

I’ve almost reached mile 22, and I’m feeling beat. The weather is unseasonably warm and humid, and my legs are sore. I signed up for this marathon to test my limits, and, in this moment, I think I’ve found them. In this moment, the topic cycling my brain is the question of why I signed up for this race.

Like most runners who began in adulthood, starting to run was a struggle. Going to the park was a humbling act. Other runners zipped past with an elegant combination of speed and athleticism while I struggled to find my stride with the grace of a duck. Quickly, I’d lose my breath, slow to a walk and wonder if I would ever be a “real” runner.

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Feb 17 2017

Unbound Unscripted

Gene Komer, Unbound receptionist

We’re pleased to present “Unbound Unscripted,” a monthly video series introducing staff members at our HQ in Kansas City. The staffers all have unique stories of how they came to Unbound and what makes it so special to them. First up is Gene Komer, who for many is the voice of Unbound. Watch the video to hear Gene’s story of taking 732 phone calls on his first day as our receptionist!

Julia, a sponsored elder from Bolivia.
Feb 15 2017

For the love of God

Bolivian elder living out compassion and forgiveness

Julia and her husband, Dionicio, in their home in Bolivia.

Julia and her husband, Dionicio, in their home in Bolivia.

The experience of having been hurt by others is, sadly, not an uncommon part of the story of many elderly people who live in poverty. Being poor carries with it great vulnerability and it only increases with age.

Many endure their hurts with grace and even learn to forgive. Those who find it within themselves to not only forgive, but actually reach out in compassion to the people who’ve wronged them, inspire us.

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By Loretta Shea Kline, managing editor at Unbound On Valentine’s Day we focus our love on those closest to us, and that’s a beautiful thing. My hope and prayer for this year’s observance is that we also make room in our hearts to love our neighbor, near and far. The Catholic social teachings that are at the foundation of our […]

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