Sep 18 2019

Praying, learning, becoming family

Every week we offer a prayerful reflection from a member of the Unbound community. This week our reflection is from Outreach Call Representative Shantel Davis.

When my father was younger, he felt encouraged to visit the Sioux Indians in South Dakota. Sometime before that, Chief Lame Deer, the leader of the Rosebud Tribe, had tragically lost his son. The chief was moved by my father’s visit and, in a tribal ceremony, adopted my father into his own family. He called him “Good Voice Eagle” because he always spoke the truth.

The tribe taught my dad a belief in others that carried him through his later career as a police officer. Their way of life opened his eyes to so many simple treasures and values. They truly became family to him. Among his favorite memories are pranks they played on him as he was just “getting his feet wet” in their culture.

Working at Unbound has given me a unique way to share my belief in others. It also allows me to serve in a way that honors my family heritage. Within the Unbound community, we don’t just see potential. We pray for each other, learn each other’s ways and become family.

Please pray

God, our most gracious father, I pray that we all might reach out in solidarity and befriend one another. May we “get our feet wet” in the courageous belief that loving others means not taking ourselves too seriously, but seriously believing in the potential of others. Amen.

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