Jul 17 2019

Looking beyond

Every week we offer a prayerful reflection from a member of the Unbound community. This week our reflection is from Senior Writer/Editor Larry Livingston.

Over the past few months on our various Unbound platforms we’ve shared the story of Melody, 24, who was once selected one of the “Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines.” We also told you about Joyce, a 95-year-old Kenyan woman who weaves and sells colorful baskets, and Damián, 17, a promising baseball player in the Dominican Republic who was recently signed by a major league organization.

Each of these people has struggled with poverty and has worked to improve their situation with help from their sponsors and Unbound. But that’s not the whole of each one’s story. It’s just a part.

Sometimes people become tempted to think of “the poor” not as individuals, but as a nameless, faceless mass of helpless human beings with nothing to offer but need. At Unbound we believe that to appreciate who a person is you must be willing to look beyond their circumstances. It’s only in getting to know them as people that you can truly appreciate their capabilities and their beauty.

Keep checking in with us and you’ll see more stories that show just how true that is.

Please pray

Loving God, each person you’ve created is unique. From the number of hairs on our heads to the patterns of our fingerprints, your care for each of us is intricate and your love unfathomably deep. Help us to respect the individuality of each sister and brother and cherish each one as an irreplaceable gift to the world. We ask this in your holy name. Amen.

Larry Livingston

Senior Writer/Editor

Larry has been with Unbound since 2005. He has a background in theology, pastoral ministry and Catholic education, and has written for several national publications. Larry holds a bachelor’s degree from Benedictine College and a master’s degree from St. Meinrad School of Theology. He lives in Shawnee, Kansas with his wife, Kristi, and their son, Ben.

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