An image of a young man walking down a dirt road.
Jul 26 2017

Fighting a modern form of slavery

Your weekly reflection from Unbound

An image of a young man walking down a dirt road.
Every week we offer a prayerful reflection from a member of the Unbound community. This week our reflection was written by Outreach Volunteer Coordinator Clair Paul.

Consider what it would feel like to constantly worry about your child or spouse as they journey to and from work in the fields. Think about the anguish a family would experience if a child disappeared.

These are the realities that millions of families the world over face due to the threat of human trafficking. According to the International Labor Organization, there are an estimated 21 million victims of forced labor around the world. Almost a third of these are children, who, along with women, make up 71 percent of those trapped in this modern form of slavery.

Since 2010, the United Nations has been actively working to engage governments around the world in the fight against human trafficking. July 30 has been established as World Day against Trafficking in Persons, a time to focus on raising awareness of the crime and promote protecting the rights of those affected.

Unbound is working to protect the families in our program through education and awareness, and by fostering stronger local communities that make members less susceptible to outside exploitation. We are grateful to our sponsors who help provide the children they support with a safer, more secure future.

Click here to read more about human trafficking and what Unbound is doing to fight it.

Please Pray:

Lord, thank you for the blessings you provide that we are able to share with others. We pray we will one day live in a world where innocent people are not victimized by human trafficking. Give us the courage to stand up for those who cannot protect themselves, and be with those who live in fear of exploitation. We ask this in your name. Amen.

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