Jul 19 2017

Casting our nets and opening our hearts

An image of a boat on a shore.
Every week we offer a prayerful reflection from a member of the Unbound community. This week’s reflection was written by writer/editor Maureen Lunn.

In May I had the opportunity to travel to Colombia on an awareness trip with a group of Unbound sponsors. One of them was Joseph Rivard, a retired psychology professor who signed up for the trip less than a year after beginning to sponsor a youth through Unbound.

Joseph wrote a reflection about his experience on the trip, and we posted it on the Unbound blog last week. He wrote about the time Jesus asked Simon to cast his nets in the deep, even though Simon had gone all night without catching any fish. When Simon did what Christ asked of him, he pulled in a catch so massive that it nearly sunk the boat. Joseph wrote:

“To [our] natural and human concerns, we need only witness what happened when Simon let go into the deep. His nets became full, and his heart was overwhelmed.”

Joseph’s reflection got me thinking about my own life and where I withhold my “nets.” Where am I holding on too tightly to my own expectations and attachments? Where am I missing out on opportunities to give to others, whether financially, with time or words of encouragement?

I think of Joseph and the other sponsors I traveled with in Colombia; all of them were my elders. They let go of their comforts of life at home and traveled to a foreign place with a group of strangers. What a way to cast your net, and what a way to be blessed in return!

I also think of the Unbound families we met in Colombia, for whom being sponsored is, at first, unfamiliar, yet they cast their nets deep and wide in community and opportunity.

Among my greatest inspirations from the trip to Colombia were my co-travelers and the families served by Unbound. They taught me a lot about what it means to let go, take a risk and let your heart be overwhelmed.

Read Joseph’s reflection, “Cast your net.”

Please pray

Lord Jesus Christ, you empower us to let go of our attachments in mind and body and open our lives to your blessings. Illumine the areas of our lives where we should cast our nets. From sponsored friends to our own family members to strangers we meet, put people in our path that teach us what it means to open our hearts and minds to receive your love. Amen.

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