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Oct 12 2015

5 inspiring girls, women for Day of the Girl

Yesterday, on Oct. 11, the world celebrated International Day of the Girl. The day was made official by the United Nations in 2011, and was created “to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.”

Unbound celebrates girls and women on Oct. 11 and every other day of the year. We provide encouragement and support for moms through Unbound mothers groups. We provide loans to mothers so they can start start small businesses and we support girls and young women as they pursue and continue their educations.

Check out these stories from Unbound about girls and women building a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

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Oct 9 2015

A vote of confidence opens up new gifts

Aracely (holding papers) enjoys working with the local Unbound mothers group.

Aracely (holding papers) enjoys working with the local Unbound mothers group.

Confidence, it seems, can be contagious. For Aracely, an Unbound scholarship student and sponsored youth, it has also been liberating.
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Oct 7 2015

Meeting Unbound’s co-founder changed boy’s life

Virgilio's big smile provides a glimpse into his joyful personality.

Virgilio’s big smile provides a glimpse into his joyful personality.

Unbound’s late co-founder Bob Hentzen impacted many lives through his tireless service to the world’s marginalized people. One person whose life changed after meeting Bob is a 12-year-old boy named Virgilio who lives with a disability.
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Oct 5 2015

Reaching for the educational finish line

Josphat, a sponsored youth and scholar in Kenya.

Josphat, a sponsored youth and scholar in Kenya.

By Regina Mburu, Unbound communications liaison for Africa

When Josphat was a young boy, he would go to bed hungry. He would often dream about becoming a teacher when he grew up, but since his mother didn’t even have enough money for food, paying school fees was out of the question.

But somewhere in the back of his mind, Josphat never gave up on his dreams.

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Oct 2 2015

Fighting social isolation among elders

Juana, a sponsored elder in Mexico.

Juana, a sponsored elder in Mexico.

With age comes wisdom but also the risk of social isolation. Many elders across the globe may go days or weeks without speaking to anyone. Elders who live in poverty and face loneliness are at an even greater risk of depression and deteriorating mental health.
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Sep 30 2015

A 4-hour commute for education

Adilia, a sponsored youth in El Salvador.

Adilia, a sponsored youth in El Salvador.

Adilia is in her last year of college in El Salvador studying business with an emphasis in tourism. She knows that her key for success is education.

She said her challenge is to overcome her reality, and she opened her arms wide to show her home.

“We are a family living in poverty,” she said.
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Sep 28 2015

Do you recognize these big-hearted bloggers?

blogger trip graphic

We’re excited to embark on our second annual blogger trip next week, and we hope you’ll follow along.

Five extraordinary bloggers and social media specialists will travel with Unbound to Guatemala where they’ll meet children, families and elders in the Unbound program. The bloggers will post stories and photos about their experiences on their blogs and social networks.

Want to help spread the word? You can follow the journey and share their stories on your own social media channels. Maybe you know someone who will be moved to sponsor a child!

Meet the team of bloggers traveling with us to Guatemala.

Want to learn more about our blogger trips? Read blog posts and meet the bloggers from our blogger trip to El Salvador in 2014.

Our third blogger trip will be in Merida, Mexico, in February 2016. Where should we travel for our fourth blogger trip? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Sep 25 2015

Mom overcomes hardship, tragedy to stay focused on kids

Ivannia (center) holds Maria and her grandson Aaron, with Jose and Kimberly at her side.

Ivannia (center) holds Maria and her grandson, with Jose and Kimberly at her side.

As a mother raising her children on her own, Ivannia knows she has a long road ahead. She’s already overcome a lot in her life. With support from her parents, her children’s sponsors and a group of mothers from her community in Costa Rica, Ivannia keeps her family moving forward.

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Sep 23 2015

‘Never lose hope’

Boni stands outside his home in the Philippines.

Boni stands outside his home in the Philippines.

Electricity powers many things you might consider basic necessities. It may even be the reason behind how you’re able to read this right now. Many, however, might consider it a luxury.

Bonifacio, or Boni as his friends call him, doesn’t have electricity in his home. His family doesn’t have the money to pay for it, so at night he studies for his college exams and does his homework by a small kerosene lamp.
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Sep 21 2015

Electing a group leader in Guatemala

A mothers group in Guatemala electing their new president or "guide."

A mothers group in Guatemala elects its new president or “guide.”

Unbound believes in the wisdom of mothers. Our mothers group model operates from the basic belief that mothers are capable, resourceful people and helps mothers gain self-confidence.

We met with a mothers group in Guatemala who shared the process of electing a president for the group and how this process helps empower each woman.
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