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Sponsor a child
Jun 20 2014

Summer fun

Tomorrow, June 21, marks the official first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer is a time for many people to spend outdoors and soak up the sun. To celebrate the season, here’s a photo gallery of sponsored children around the world showing you what they love to do in warmer weather.

nonprofit work
Jun 18 2014

Embracing humility

By Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa

The best moments in my journey with Unbound have been those spent with the families in their homes, talking and interacting.

I see a sparkle shining brightly in the eyes of the children I have had the pleasure to meet and talk to as they share with me their dreams and hopes for the future.

“When I grow up, I would like to board an airplane and go to America and become as famous as Lupita Nyongo,” said Cecilia, a little girl I met on one of my field visits.

It is through the eyes of children like Cecilia that I find my own strength.

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Sponsored family
Jun 13 2014

Happy Father’s Day!

From left: Caroline, Jane, David and Caleb.

From left: Caroline, Jane, David and Caleb.

Happy Father’s Day from Unbound! To help celebrate all the awesome dads out there, we want to share the story of David from Kenya. He has enough fatherly love in his heart that, in addition to raising his own children, he also took in his nieces and nephew when their parents died.

Read more about David and his family here.

Sponsor an elder
May 21 2014

Sponsor an elder through their golden years

Sponsor an elder

Sponsored elders in Guatemala.

Elderly people need sponsors, too! We have several elders on our waiting lists who would love to have someone to write to and share their joys. Check out the list below for some of those who need a sponsor.

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Unbound mothers
May 7 2014

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Unbound

Celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 11, with a photo of your mom on Twitter and Instagram!

Every Monday on Instagram, we celebrate mothers of sponsored children and their efforts to create a better life for their families. Our #MotherMonday hashtag game shows the faces of mothers around the world, and we want you to add to our collage.

Post a photo of your mom or a photo of you with your mom, tag @Unboundorg and use the hashtag #MotherMonday.

World Malaria day
Apr 25 2014

Make a difference on World Malaria Day

Today is World Malaria Day, and Unbound gives thanks to all those who make an effort to combat this potentially deadly, but preventable disease. Through sponsorship, Unbound is creating change to prevent and treat malaria. Click here to read more about the fight against malaria.

Want to help? Sponsor someone today and help give them access to resources to prevent malaria.

Kibera slum
Apr 23 2014

‘On the way to somewhere’


By Erin Stillion, financial auditor for Unbound

Erin Stillion, financial auditor for Unbound in Kansas, recently traveled to Kenya to perform a financial audit for Unbound’s Nairobi project. While he was there he met an amazing young man that made a huge impact on his life. This is Erin’s story.

The sun was already beating down on a sea of rusted tin roofs. Our team was wrapping up a financial audit in Unbound’s Nairobi project, spending several days poring over documents, reading policy manuals, interviewing staff, assessing procedures and visiting families. I was exhausted, but brimming with anticipation.

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Unbound Awareness Trips
Mar 26 2014

Friendships cross barriers in Unbound


By Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa

True friendship goes beyond the miles between people — beyond their culture, their religion and the color of their skin.

“I have been in Kenya thrice,” said Toni Guidice, who is from New York and sponsors three children through Unbound. “Seeing my sponsored children brings warmth to my heart. Each time I see them my heart melts.

“I feel nothing but love when I look into their eyes.”

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Bob Hentzen
Feb 24 2014

Remembering a scholar and special friend

By Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa

“My dream is to make it in life. I dream of being a woman representative in my community. I want to fight for the rights of all women. I want to write books and inspire people by telling my story.”

This is what Stephanie said to me.

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Sponsored family from Kibera slum
Feb 3 2014

Waking up in Kibera slum

Elizabeth (left) and Monica (right) model their school uniforms with their mother Rosalia outside their home in Kibera.

Elizabeth (left) and Monica (right) model their school uniforms with their mother Rosalia outside their home in Kibera.

Getting up early for school has been the bane of many mornings. The task seems especially annoying within the throes of teen-dom, with each additional minute clinging to the pillow a victory in the name of sleep.

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