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Sponsored children Elizabeth, Florence and Caroline from Nairobi, Kenya.
Jun 6 2016

The joy of children bubbles over

Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa, takes photos on an awareness trip in Kenya.

Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa, takes photos on an awareness trip in Kenya.

By Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa

Regina Mburu is based out of our Nairobi office. On one of her recent visits with Unbound sponsored members for stories and photographs, she experienced the natural ability of children to warm one’s spirit, even on a bad day. Read Regina’s reflection and let your heart be warmed by the very smiles that made her day.

Just like the dark clouds hanging over Nairobi on the cold, breezy morning, my heart was gloomy. I hadn’t been feeling well and wasn’t up for the photo shoot of Unbound sponsored children I had scheduled for that day. Little did I know that the experience would put a big smile on my face.

Headed into the school for students with special needs, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was concerned that the children may not want their pictures taken. But the moment I stepped in, my worry vanished. The children came happily running toward me with open arms. I felt a sudden warmth of love rush over me.

One little girl would not leave my side and held my hand tightly as we moved around the classroom. In her eyes, I could see genuine love, happiness and a warm spirit — all of it contagious. I had one of the most enjoyable photo shoots with these children that I’ve ever had. Their joy bubbled over and rubbed off on me, and I was left with blue skies in my heart.

Sponsored children Collins, Martin, Elizabeth, Florence and Caroline in Nairobi, Kenya, eagerly display their schoolwork.

Caroline, Peter, Stephen and Elizabeth in Nairobi, Kenya, take a break from their studies for a photo.

Bring more smiles to kids like these. Sponsor today.

Unbound sponsor Jude Fournier visits with the twin girls he sponsors, Faith and Elizabeth, and their mother Grace, on an awareness trip in Kenya.
May 27 2016

Twin sisters in Kenya reunite with their sponsor

By Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa

On an Unbound awareness trip, a group of sponsors arrived in Meru, Kenya, early in the morning, eager to meet their sponsored children. With dances and ululations (shouts of joy) from the mothers, the sponsors were ushered in, anticipation written on their faces.

The usually calm man from New Mexico, Jude Fournier, was not so calm on this particular day. The sponsor of twin girls Elizabeth and Faith for four years, he excitedly paced back and forth, overwhelmed with the anticipation of seeing the two girls.

The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived.

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Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa, takes photos on an awareness trip in Kenya.
May 11 2016

The journey of a story: Africa

Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa, takes photos on an awareness trip in Kenya.

Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa, takes photos on an awareness trip in Kenya.

By Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Africa

Everyone has a story to tell, a story that needs to be heard.

As an Unbound communications liaison for Africa, I listen and document people’s stories with words, photos and video clips to share with the Unbound community through publications, the blog, social media and other platforms.

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Yvonne and her sponsor, Bridget.
Apr 29 2016

Poem reflects the power of relationship

Yvonne and her sponsor, Bridget.

Yvonne and her sponsor, Bridget.

A poem can relay emotion and meaning in a very distinctive way, and in honor of National Poetry Month, we want to share with you the poetic words of an Unbound sponsored youth and the effect they had on her sponsor.

On a recent Unbound awareness trip to Kenya, sponsor Bridget Burpee was presented with a poem written just for her. Visiting her sponsored friend, Yvonne, for the second time in her eight years of sponsorship, Bridget was warmly welcomed in Nairobi by Yvonne and her mother, Lucy.

This trip was different from her first visit eight years before. Yvonne had just lost her father in a car accident when Bridget came to visit shortly after beginning the sponsorship. At that time, Yvonne and her mother, Lucy, were hesitant about this new person coming into their lives.

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Dec 30 2015

Staff picks: Favorite Unbound photos of 2015

Ezequial from El Salvador.

Each year, Unbound get the chance to share some amazing photos of our work around the world. The stories and images of the families we serve are just one way we show our supporters how they’re making a difference.
Here’s a selection of some of our Kansas City staff’s favorite photos from 2015.

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Parents of children sponsored through Unbound's program in Meru, Kenya, take part in conservation agriculture training.
Dec 16 2015

Unearthing potential

Families get more out of Unbound’s sponsorship program than just consumable benefits.

While helping parents send their children to school builds toward the future, parents also need reliable ways to support their families now.

Through workshops and livelihood training, Unbound helps parents unlock their own talents and potential.

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Regina Mburu, Unbound's communications liaison in Africa, captured this photo of Pope Francis as his motorcade headed to the Kangemi community.
Dec 7 2015

Unbound staffers reflect on pope’s Africa visit

By Loretta Shea Kline, managing editor

Freedom from poverty. Fighting corruption. Unity between people of different cultures and religions. Having a reason to hope.

Unbound staffers addressed these and other topics on Pope Francis’ recent trip to Africa.

“The pope is characterized by acts of love and compassion toward the poor — often reaching out to them and signifying a new light and hope in life for them,” said Teddy Naluwu, coordinator of Unbound’s program in Kampala, Uganda. “This is the same purpose for which Unbound exists.

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Nov 25 2015

Pope Francis affirms human dignity in the heart of a slum

Millions of people around the world live in slums on the edges of large cities. Generally ignored by their local governments and avoided by those with the means to live elsewhere, these people are the very embodiment of what it means to be marginalized.
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