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Sep 3 2013

Kenya staffer finds joy in letters

CFCA staffer sorts mail

CFCA staff member Lawrence Maina in Kenya processes letters and packets sent by sponsors to their sponsored children.

By Regina Mburu, CFCA communications liaison for Africa

Sorting through the parcels and letters, Lawrence Maina goes through each of them keenly and logs them in the record books.

He smiles as he reads through the lines written by sponsors to their sponsored children.

Lawrence is the driver at CFCA’s project in Nairobi, Kenya, but he also helps open the letters and parcels that come through the project office.

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Youth clean Kenyan market
Aug 28 2013

Youth make market in Kenya shine

CFCA in Kenya

CFCA youth group members in Kenya prepare to clean up the Kangemi market as part of a community service activity.

By Regina Mburu, CFCA communications liaison for Africa

The Kangemi market in Kenya is always a beehive of activity, with sellers chanting continuously to attract customers to buy their wares.

On this particular day, youth from CFCA had come to the market, this time not to buy anything but to clean it up, as the market is dirty and unkempt.

With brooms, rakes, trash bins and dust masks to cover their faces, young people from CFCA’s Maendeleo youth group got busy sweeping and collecting trash.
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Jul 30 2013

Games children play in Africa: Bano (Swahili for marbles)

Bano in Kenya

Jorun (left) and Paul, CFCA sponsored youth in Kenya, play bano, which means marbles in Swahili.

In the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, children gather to pass the time and to just be kids.

With bragging rights on the line, they pull marbles from their pockets and begin to play bano, which is Swahili for marbles.

“The game is very interesting and I feel proud when I win,” said Paul a youth sponsored through CFCA.

Get the rules to play Bano now!

Sponsored family from Kibera slum
Jul 16 2013

Life in Kenya’s Kibera slum harsh

By Regina Mburu, CFCA communications liaison for Africa

Walking along narrow paths, jumping over open sewers and bearing the stench from piles of garbage all over the footpaths opens my eyes to a reality that most of us do not see.

The harsh reality of living in a slum.

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Members of the Maasai tribe in Kenya
Jun 27 2013

Preserving the culture: CFCA’s work with indigenous communities, part 3

Do you know your roots?

The spring/summer issue of CFCA’s magazine, “Sacred Ground,” features our work with indigenous communities all over the world.

Read more interesting facts about these communities and how their cultures contribute to their self-identity.

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Field Notes- Kenya
Jun 24 2013

Field notes Kenya: ‘A warm welcome’

CFCA Awareness Trips

From left, Amos, CFCA youth program coordinator in Nairobi with Dave Heaton, CFCA director of operation in Kansas City. Dave visited Kenya on a CFCA awareness trip in 2013.

Have you ever wondered what happens on a CFCA awareness trip? Watch this field notes video to see how Dave Heaton, director of sponsorship operations at CFCA headquarters in Kansas City was welcomed into Kenya.

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Unbound Awareness Trips
May 28 2013

6 ways to chronicle your travel experience

CFCA awareness trips

Patrick Clementine, CFCA sponsor, meets his sponsored friend, Victoria, in Kenya on a CFCA awareness trip.

Have you ever looked back on a trip, only to realize you barely remember any of your experiences? If this sounds familiar, then read these six ways to chronicle your travel experience and never forget a special moment!

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