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Sponsored children in El Salvador
Feb 19 2014

Celebrating ‘Love Your Pet Day’

sponsored child in Mexico

Geraldine, an Unbound sponsored child in Mexico, smiles with her dog, Chamaco, which means “little kid.” Is it just us, or are they sharing an inside joke?

National Love Your Pet Day is Thursday, Feb. 20! Check out photos from around the world of sponsored friends with their pets.

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Typhoon Haiyan
Nov 12 2013

Typhoon Haiyan: How you can help

As the world watches the heartbreaking plight of people who are suffering in the Philippines, the questions we hear hundreds of times a day at CFCA are, “Is my sponsored friend all right?” and “How can I help?”

Our families are safe

We can tell you that our teams in the field do not believe that any of the 45,000 sponsored friends associated with CFCA projects have been killed.

But we share the grief of thousands of families whose loved ones died in the path of this catastrophic storm, and we stand ready to help survivors of Typhoon Haiyan rebuild.

Almost 300 CFCA families from high-risk and flood-prone areas in our Legazpi project were moved by order of the provincial government to evacuation centers before Haiyan took aim on the islands.

Our families are now making their way home, though what some return to can no longer be considered “home.”

Hundreds find that missing roofs, flooded homes and ruined crops are all that remain.

“Their basic farm crops, particularly bananas, were massively uprooted,” said Antipolo project coordinator Malou Navio.

Sponsored youth Cherry and her family were among those in the Legazpi project who voluntarily went to an evacuation center ahead of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Sponsored youth Cherry and her family were among those in the Legazpi project who voluntarily went to an evacuation center ahead of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Here is how you can help

Donate to our Disaster Assistance Fund. This is a way to support the families in need after natural disasters uproot their lives.

This fund provides money to buy supplies for rebuilding homes, seeds for new crops and to replace farming tools lost in the storm.

You can also make a long-term and lasting difference by sponsoring a child from the Philippines.

The already struggling economy of the Philippines will suffer even more because of Haiyan.

Children whose parents struggle to make ends meet will need encouragement and support now more than ever.

The need is ongoing

Haiyan is the 25th typhoon to hit the Philippines this year and the third category 5 typhoon to strike within the last three years.

There will always be a need for support through sponsorship and donations.

You can start helping today.

Sep 4 2013

Former CFCA scholar in Guatemala looks back with joy

Carmen, a former CFCA scholar in Guatemala, recalls the struggles she overcame to achieve her dream of graduating from high school. She started her own business while in school to provide extra income for her family.

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Youth clean Kenyan market
Aug 28 2013

Youth make market in Kenya shine

CFCA in Kenya

CFCA youth group members in Kenya prepare to clean up the Kangemi market as part of a community service activity.

By Regina Mburu, CFCA communications liaison for Africa

The Kangemi market in Kenya is always a beehive of activity, with sellers chanting continuously to attract customers to buy their wares.

On this particular day, youth from CFCA had come to the market, this time not to buy anything but to clean it up, as the market is dirty and unkempt.

With brooms, rakes, trash bins and dust masks to cover their faces, young people from CFCA’s Maendeleo youth group got busy sweeping and collecting trash.
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Typhoon Marring flooding
Aug 24 2013

Philippine staffers brave floods to reach families

When disasters strike, CFCA field staffers reveal their true superhero identities. This week in the Philippines staff members waded through floodwaters to assist families at evacuation centers and visit homes to assess needs.

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Rainy season in Guatemala
Aug 19 2013

Silver lining found in Guatemala’s rainy season

Roofs leak, the ground begins to wash away, roads become blocked by landslides and rivers flood, but the people of Guatemala stand strong.

They rebuild, and together they prosper in love, hope, community and courage.

The rainy season, or winter, as many Guatemalans call this time of year, has now settled in.
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World Environment Day
Jul 18 2013

Guatemalan families plant seeds for the future

If one large tree can produce enough oxygen for four people, then sponsored friends and their families in Guatemala just made it possible for 80,000 people to breathe easier.

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Sponsor an elder
Jun 28 2013

Golden girls in Colombia find friendship in handbags

CFCA sponsored aging friends in Colombia.

Luz and Filonila, two sponsored aging friends in Cali, Colombia.

For Filonila and Luz, two sponsored aging friends in Colombia, sponsorship brought them more than benefits, it brought them companionship and purpose.

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Tilapia farming
Jun 24 2013

Guatemalan father finds opportunity raising fish

Fernando’s 8-year-old daughter, Maydi, is a CFCA sponsored child in Guatemala.

Fernando and his wife Sonia have seven children and recently started a career raising tilapia!

Tilapia farming is new in Guatemala and new to CFCA’s Hope for a Family livelihood programs.

Fernando will be one of the first tilapia farmers in the CFCA program to sell a batch of 50 fish.

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Scholarship students
Jun 18 2013

Scholars in Colombia get green thumbs

CFCA scholars in Colombia

Eat your veggies! CFCA scholars in Cali, Colombia, decided to grow a vegetable garden to make an impact in their community.

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