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Feb 10 2009

What is the best method to make my contribution?

Q. What is the best method for me to make my sponsorship contribution?

A. The most convenient, efficient and cost effective way to make a contribution is through automatic bank withdrawal. With this payment option, you are authorizing CFCA to withdraw your monthly sponsorship payment directly from your checking account.

Contributions for sponsorship made through automatic bank withdrawal significantly reduce CFCAís processing costs, which free up more of your dollars for our work in support of sponsored children and aging.

Bank fees, printing and postage costs continue to increase and currently average 78 cents for each payment made by check. Our average cost for a credit card transaction is 85 cents. In contrast, the cost for an automatic bank withdrawal is less than 5 cents.*

CFCA’s automatic bank withdrawal is both safe and secure. Your payment may be scheduled for the 5th or 20th of the month and can be canceled at any time with a simple phone call or letter to CFCA.

Sign up online through our secure website.

Thank you for your continued support of your friend through CFCA.

*These amounts are current as of Dec. 31, 2008 and are subject to periodic change.

Jan 12 2009

Why are my sponsored friend’s letters written by someone else?

ask_graphic1Q. Sometimes I receive a letter written by someone else. Why doesn’t my sponsored friend write?

A. There are a variety of reasons why a letter may be written by someone other than your sponsored friend. When this occurs, CFCA asks that the person writing the letter clearly identify themselves so you will know.

Letters to sponsors sometimes are written by parents, relatives, social workers or project staff on behalf of the child or aging person. It may be that the parents or project staff want to help a child write a more meaningful letter, or the child may be too young to write.

If your sponsored friend is elderly, conditions such as vision problems, illness or illiteracy may make it necessary for a representative to write on their behalf.

For some people in developing countries, oral communications are the norm and letter writing is a challenge. Composing a simple letter may require the assistance of a family member or a project staff member.