Sep 9 2017

Send us your questions for the program coordinators!

On September 13, at our HQ in Kansas City, Kansas, we’ll be broadcasting our Global Insight Series on Facebook Live!

Unbound program coordinators Hugo Plaza Beltran of Bolivia, Chico Chavajay of Guatemala and Manuel Pineda of Honduras will be answering questions about how the Unbound program works in each of their countries. They understand deeply the joys and challenges of partnering with families living in poverty. Hear from these experts about how sponsorship gives families the opportunity to dream about tomorrow.

We know not everyone can make it to Kansas City, so we’re bringing the event to you. Head over to our Facebook page and submit a question for one of our project coordinators at any time. Then, tune in at 5:30 on September 13 for the countdown to the livestreaming event and you may hear the answer to your question.

Want to attend the event in person? Visit to reserve your spot today!

5 thoughts on “Send us your questions for the program coordinators!”

  1. I volunteered as a recent Unbound church event. I had several people ask how families get into the program and if the sponsorship is a life long commitment, or limited to the duration of the child’s education including college? I also note that there seems to be a shift in the focus over the last few years. We are now sponsoring families. So the question asked is what if the family decides the child’s education is no longer possible. Is the family still sponsored or is education of a child in the family a requirement?

  2. I have a sponsored child in Honduras and would like to have a sticker to place on my car window to spread the word about sponsorship. do you have any plans for providing a “proud sponsor” window sticker? I’d love to have one.

    1. Dear Lucy,

      That’s a great idea for a bumper sticker! We’ll keep it in mind next time we look at making bumper stickers. For now, I’ll make sure you get one of our logo bumper stickers so you can show your Unbound pride.

      Thanks again for the suggestion,
      -Jordan Kimbrell, writer/editor

  3. We currently sponsor a child in Guatemala; however, there is no mail delivery. How can we send him Christmas/Birthday presents or if we forward a payment directly to you, how do we know he will receive total benefit from it?

    1. Thank you for your comment! If you’d like to send a Christmas greeting to your sponsored friend in Guatemala, we recommend that you send an eLetter through your online account at If that is not an option for you, you are welcome to send your letter to our headquarters office in Kansas. We do ask that sponsors refrain from sending packages, as we are unable to deliver anything other than letters, greeting cards and photos.

      If you would like to send a financial donation for your sponsored friend, we recommend that you donate to our Christmas or Birthday fund. These funds are general programs that provide gifts, celebrations and additional support to sponsored members throughout the Unbound world. If you prefer to provide a direct benefit for you sponsored friend, please contact Sponsor Services at 800-875-6564. We’ll be happy to help!
      – Sponsor Services

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