An image of an Indian woman cutting excess plastic off bottles.
Jun 14 2017

Living Unbound: In photos

It took a village
An image of 10-year-old Jonah sitting outside his school in Kampala, Uganda.
Jonah, 10, sits outside his school in Kampala, Uganda. When his mother, Jane, moved away temporarily for work, Jonah struggled to stay in school. Members of the local Unbound mothers group stepped in to provide support and help him keep up his studies. Today, Jonah is doing well in school, loves math, and Jane is back home and active in the mothers group.

A secure dwelling
An image of a home near Zamboanga City, Philippines.
The home of sponsored youth Angelica, 20, lies outside Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines. It was repaired with sponsorship funds the family set aside for that purpose. Rotting floorboards and flimsy walls were replaced with durable materials that help keep Angelica and her family safe and secure. The refurbished home has also become a comfortable gathering place for the local Unbound parents group.

Stitching together a living
An image of Jose sewing while his wife, Maria, looks on.
Maria, 68, and her husband José, 66, make school uniforms in their community in El Salvador. The seasonal work doesn’t provide enough income to get them through the year, so the food and personal care items Maria receives as an Unbound sponsored elder provide needed support. The couple lives in a small town that was nearly destroyed by the Salvadoran civil war in the 1980s and has never fully recovered.

Adorned with ability
An image of a circle of upturned hands holding earrings.
Mothers of sponsored children in Unbound’s program in Addagutta, a community in the greater metropolitan area of Hyderabad, India, show earrings they made as part of a skills training workshop held earlier this year. The workshop was conducted by the mother of one of the sponsored children. The women also created charm bracelets and other colorful bangles to sell as a potential livelihood initiative.

A mother’s work
An image of an Indian woman cutting excess plastic off bottles.
Amali, the mother of sponsored child Maria, trims excess pieces from items produced at a local plastics factory. Amali took a loan from her Unbound mothers group to pay a deposit that allows her to take the materials home, so she can earn money while taking care of her family. On a good day, she can trim up to 7,000 pieces, earning a small income. The family lives in Madurai in southern India.

Dreaming of the future
An image of 11-year-old Ever doing homework while sitting on his bed.
Ever, 11, does homework while sitting on his bed. He lives in Colombia with his parents and older siblings. Ever is sponsored by Guadalupe and Patricia from Texas. As part of his sponsorship, he set personal goals to become a soccer player and electrical engineer. Ever keeps a poster of these goals above his bed as a reminder to keep working toward his dreams.

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