Clair Paul, center, with some of her fellow Outreach team coworkers.
Jan 25 2017

Get started and get involved

Clair Paul, center, with some of her fellow Outreach team coworkers.

Clair Paul, center, with some of her fellow Outreach team coworkers.

By Clair Paul, lead Outreach Coordinator for Unbound

It’s 2017 and we are excited to start a new year, set new goals and find new ways to share Unbound in communities around the country.

Last year, more than 1,700 children and elders were sponsored because our supporters talked about Unbound to people they know. Wow! That’s 1,700 families that can now send their kids to school, put healthy food on the table and know that someone believes in them reaching for their dreams.

And all because somebody was willing to start a conversation.

Talking about Unbound is so simple, but so important. We know how powerful a personal invitation can be, and that each sponsor has a unique story they can share to inspire others to get involved.

Let’s do some math. Unbound currently has over 262,000 sponsors. If each person spoke to just one person and invited them to sponsor, we could double the number of sponsored friends Unbound is helping in 2017. Imagine what would happen if every sponsor talked to five or even ten people, and then those new sponsors told their friends and family… the impact would be amazing!

Something as small as mentioning you received a letter from your sponsored friend to a coworker over lunch can spark a conversation. Posting about your sponsorship on your social media pages may catch someone’s attention and inspire them to visit our website. Seeing an Unbound bumper sticker on your car could prompt a neighbor to ask you what it’s all about. You never know what might motivate someone to sponsor.

So if you’re up for a challenge, make it your personal goal this year to help us increase the number of families in the Unbound program by starting a conversation about our work. Tell your mom, tell your bestie, tell everyone you know about the ways Unbound is changing the way the world views poverty. Need some help getting started? Subscribe to our Ambassador Tip of the Month to prepare yourself to talk about Unbound.

Ready to take the next step? Consider hosting an Unbound Empowerment Table in your community. Share the faces of individuals that need sponsorship and introduce Unbound’s program to your friends, family and neighbors.

Questions or ideas? Connect with the Outreach Team at or (800) 875-6564.

Clair Paul

Lead Outreach Coordinator

Clair joined the Unbound family in 2012 after graduating from Northwest Missouri State University and has fallen in love with the mission and work of this organization. She enjoys traveling to experience the Unbound program in different parts of the world and getting to know sponsors. In her free time, Clair teaches dance and enjoys spending time with her husband and two golden doodles.

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