Mercy is proud to show off the fruits of her and her husband's work on their farm.
Dec 19 2016

Mercy works hard for her sisters’ education

Mercy is proud to show off the fruits of her and her husband's work on their farm.

Mercy is proud to show off the fruits of her and her husband’s work on their farm.

Mercy from Kenya is 29 years old, married and has three children. Mercy and her husband work hard to provide for their children along with Mercy’s younger sister, who she began caring for after her parents passed away.

“I take care of my sister, Caren,” Mercy explains. “My parents died a while back. I am the first-born in a family of six. I am charged with the responsibility of taking care of my siblings.”

Mercy takes this responsibility very seriously, but her and her husband struggled to provide for their own children and had difficulty paying Caren’s school fees on time.

“Each time I saw her chased away from school because of [a lack of] school fees, it hurt me a lot,” Mercy said. “I did not want her going through what I did. I had dropped out of school in class 8, because I had no one to help me pay my school fee.”

Fortunately, Mercy heard about Unbound from a neighborhood friend who had a child in the program and was helping to connect children in their community with sponsorship. Mercy registered Caren with Unbound and she was paired with a sponsor in “no time.”

Mercy noticed a significant shift as soon as Caren was sponsored. She and her family chose to use sponsorship benefits to cover Caren’s school fees and receive bedding, clothes and nutritional assistance.

Once Caren was sponsored, Mercy began to participate in the local mothers support group, an important part of the Unbound community in many of our programs. Unbound parents and guardians join together in groups that focus on helping each other develop their businesses, and save money as a group in order to provide loans. Taking loans from outside sources such as local banks often lead to years of debt, as interest accrues swiftly, but mothers groups work together to offer terms that provide a way for people who need assistance the most. Mercy plans to take a loan from her mothers group to purchase a water pump for her farm.

This will help Mercy further develop her farm, which will also boost her spirits. “At the end of the day when I am harvesting my produce, I feel so proud, because my hard work bore fruit,” Mercy said. “When I sell my produce and make some money, I am in a position to provide for my family and siblings.”

Mercy knows what it takes to improve your situation in life, and offers this advice to other Unbound mothers: “I would urge them to work hard. I would like them to know that nothing comes easy, you have to sweat to make a difference in your life.”

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