Dec 12 2016

Dedicated to education and helping others

Brayan smiles as he does his homework because he likes to study and is proud of the good grades he gets.

Brayan smiles as he does his homework because he likes to study and is proud of the good grades he gets.

For Brayan, an 11-year-old boy in Bolivia, sponsorship through Unbound could not have come at a better time.

After his father left three years ago, Brayan and his family were in a tough situation. His mother, Lucretia, had to leave then 8-year-old Brayan at home with his older sister for long periods while she worked far away to pay off a bank loan. Fortunately, Brayan heard about Unbound from a friend at school who was sponsored.

“I told my mother and she was able to reach the office and talk to the coordinator,” Brayan said. “I have now been sponsored for three years. I had to wait for about a year to find a sponsor.”

Since being sponsored by Gary and MaryAnn in Indiana, Bryan has seen great changes. He receives school supplies, shoes, clothing, food and dental care. His mother is able to stay home with her children, and regularly attends meetings with the local Unbound mothers group providing support and opportunity for parents. But most importantly for Brayan, his mother is able to save money from her small store and monthly sponsorship benefits, and recently bought a desk for him to do his homework.

“I’m happy for what my sponsor is doing in my life,” he said. “I love my sponsor.”

Like many children his age, Brayan likes watching television and playing sports. But his commitment to education sets him apart.
“I like playing soccer with my friends,” Brayan said. “But first I have to finish my homework and I have to help my mom with chores.”

This dedication has led Brayan to success in school. He is classroom president, and was flag bearer in a previous school year. Brayan also does everything he can to help other students, and has some advice to share with his peers.

“The key to get good grades is to study hard,” he said. “Don’t miss school, listen to the teachers’ explanations, ask questions and do your homework. Be good with everyone and ask God for what is necessary for you. He will listen.”

Brayan has high hopes for his future. He wants to keep getting good grades, go to college to become a doctor and travel the world.
He’s also full of gratitude for his sponsor, who he prays for and writes to regularly. And he extends that gratitude to all Unbound sponsors.

“I just want to thank all sponsors for their help,” he said. “Take care, God bless you.”

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