A young woman in El Salvador works on homework.
Nov 28 2016

Invest in education this #GivingTuesday

On Nov. 29, help students achieve their goals in higher education by donating to our Education fund on #GivingTuesday.

When you support education through Unbound, you’re investing in the dreams of students. Your contribution means children and young adults can continue their education into secondary schools, technical schools or even university programs.

Pursuing higher education in the countries where we work can be challenging, and the opportunity for a student to do so is special. Unbound scholarships are competitive. Interested students, sponsored and non-sponsored alike, go through a comprehensive application process, and scholarship recipients are selected by local Unbound staffs. Once accepted, scholars give back to their communities through mentorship and service. Meanwhile, their scholarships help cover tuition, transportation and supplies.

About an Unbound scholar

In most of the countries where Unbound works, higher education costs a fraction of what it does in the United States. A small donation makes a huge impact.

For Alexander, 19, in Lima, Peru, tuition costs the equivalent of about $110 per month. He’s studying graphic design at an art institute about two hours from his home, traveling back and forth several times a week. serves at the Unbound office and studies during the day and attends classes in the evening.

“I would like to make my own company in the future to help in anything [Unbound] may need,” Alexander said. “Not as a scholarship holder anymore but as a graphic designer or any other kind of support. I will always be willing to support them so that they continue to support more people like me, because studying is one of the most important things you can achieve.”

Beatriz is a 19-year-old scholar in Santa Ana, El Salvador, who’s thankful that she has the support of Unbound to supplement what she and her family work hard to attain. In addition to tuition at the college where she studies nursing, school expenses add up quickly with transportation, books and cyber café fees since she doesn’t own a computer. Her scholarship covers more than half of her tuition, and the experience of having a scholarship has taught her a lot about herself, beyond the classroom.

“[Education] is very important,” Beatriz said. “It teaches you not only for you career, but also for your life. It is fundamental. In this country without education you can’t move on. It helps to achieve our goals, [even if] we are not going to be rich and have a lot things or money, at least we have a support.”

Students like Beatriz and Alexander give back to their communities by completing several hours of community service each month, often at the Unbound office working with letters or tutoring children.

This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to invest in the dreams of students. Your donation will help young people around the globe achieve their goals and create opportunity — for themselves, their communities and our world.

Donate to help students achieve their dreams.

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