A mother and daughter smile for the camera in Kenya.
Oct 3 2016

Celebrating health on National Child Health Day

A mother and her daughter smile in front of their home in Kenya.

Cynthia (right), pictured with her mother, Pamela, has been sponsored by Donna in Arkansas since 2012. Sponsorship benefits help children like Cynthia stay healthy through good nutrition and durable homes.

Families around the world work hard to keep their children healthy and Unbound is committed to partnering with them. From daily nutrition to recovery from major illnesses, the health benefits that result from Unbound sponsorship are many. On National Child Health Day Oct. 3, we celebrate the efforts of the Unbound community in improving the health of children around the world.

One of the great impediments to child health in the countries where Unbound works is the lack of economic stability in families. In homes where parents struggle to make ends meet, children struggle, too. Often their health is impacted by sanitation issues and a lack of well-rounded nutrition or preventative health care. So when a family begins to stabilize, a child’s health often improves.

Sponsorship brings nutrition and a home

Families like Pamela’s in Kisumu, Kenya, have lived in difficult circumstances for many years. Working hard as a laborer along with her husband, Pamela had a difficult time providing for the basic needs of her daughter, Cynthia, and was unable to save to improve their home and surroundings. But when Cynthia received an Unbound sponsorship, things began to look up.

With the guidance of an Unbound social worker, families in programs like Kisumu create their own budgets and use their sponsorship benefits for what they most need. At the time Cynthia was sponsored, her most pressing need was bedding.

“When Cynthia was enrolled in the Unbound sponsorship program, a huge load was lifted from us,” Pamela said. “As a family we benefited from the nutrition. Cynthia was previously sleeping on the earthen floor, but when she got sponsored, she received a mattress and bedding.”

The family lived in a thatch-roofed house where they were exposed to the weather. With the help of Unbound sponsorship, Pamela’s family secured the funds needed to construct a new home. Constructing the house with timber, mud, nails and iron sheets for the roof, Pamela and Cynthia built it in just two weeks! The new home keeps them warm and dry and allows for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

A community rallies to cover surgery costs

In Honduras, Unbound sponsorship has been truly life-changing for a young man named Jonathan who was born with a type of spina bifida, which causes curvature of the spine. By the time he was 17 years old, Jonathan had undergone 19 surgeries.

In 2014, Jonathan was in urgent need of a costly surgery that would prevent the need for regular kidney dialysis and further health complications. The Unbound community rallied to help Jonathan. It started with the mothers groups in his area — parents of sponsored children who come together for accountability and support. The mothers rallied their community and raised money for the surgery. Then, Unbound helped with additional funds and Jonathan had a successful surgery.

Today, Jonathan is able to walk and has completed studies in computer engineering. Together with this family, he helps run a small cybercafé.

Stories like Pamela’s and Jonathan’s are common in the Unbound community. From sponsorship funds used to build sanitary toilets and cooking facilities, to supporting the longevity of those in need through donations that directly address health concerns, Unbound is committed to supporting the well-being of our sponsored friends around the world.

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