Fania Carnero, second from right, visits the homes of Unbound sponsored members with other staff members from Lima, Peru.
Sep 28 2016

Meet the staff: Fania in Peru

By Gloria Yanes, project specialist in international programs at Unbound

I would like to introduce Fania Carnero, a staff member from our office in Lima, Peru.

Fania started working at Unbound in January 2002 as a secretary, and since then she has been learning and adapting to any changes and accepting the suggestions and comments from Unbound. She is now in charge of the correspondence department for the Lima office. The correspondence department handles letters to and from sponsored friends and helps answer any specific inquiries sponsors may have regarding their sponsored friends.

Dan Pearson, director of international programs, said that Fania is, “full of very positive energy and a great part of the team,” and that, “she’s with the people — all the time.”

Fania has learned a lot from sponsored families and has seen many families struggling with a lot of difficulties and limitations trying to give the best to their children. She has seen the humility and hospitality of the families when she visits their homes.

Fania participated on Bob Hentzens’s second walk in 2010, in which the late Unbound co-founder walked more than 8,000 miles from Guatemala to Chile. She said this walk was a wonderful experience because she had the opportunity to walk with Bob, Cristina (Bob’s wife) and many families of Peru, sharing the positive attitude that motivated them to go ahead and say, “You can do it.”

Something that she loves about people is transparency, loyalty and truth.

Fania said that she has a rewarding job and remembered a wonderful story from a sponsored family. In 2010, Alan, one of our sponsors, went to Peru to visit his two sponsored girls who are sisters. The sponsor also met the little brother of the girls and decided to sponsor the little boy too. Fania was impressed to see the generosity of him for the support and dedication for this family.

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