Reynald heads down the boulevard in Dipolog city, seeking the best spot to set up for the day.
Jul 15 2016

Success with a cherry on top

This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, and we’re celebrating by honoring an Unbound family who makes their living from ice cream! If you don’t already have a bowl of your favorite cold treat ready to enjoy, you will definitely be craving one after reading this.

Regine, a 13-year-old sponsored friend in the Philippines, has grown up on ice cream. Her parents, Reynald and Judith, make their living from it — they’ve run an ice cream stand for 12 years.

Reynald wakes up at 4 a.m. each day to start making a fresh batch of ice cream, which takes about three hours to prepare. He then heads out into the streets, setting up his ice cream stand along the main boulevard in Dipolog City, where the family lives, or at nearby festivals or community events.

Reynald makes and sells two large containers per day, and stays out selling until it’s gone. Customers can buy ice cream by the cone or in family-size take-home containers for sharing. Some popular flavors include mango and strawberry — perfect for hot days in the Philippines.

While the family’s ice cream business has provided steady income for them, it’s only enough to live day to day. That’s why Regine’s sponsorship through Unbound has been so meaningful to them.

“Before the sponsorship came, it was very hard for us to sustain our daily needs,” Judith said. “It was like carrying a very heavy load. Unbound gives us a big help.”

Regine’s sponsorship helps pay school fees, including supplies and uniforms. This boost greatly helps her family — especially in light of recent challenges.

In the past year, health issues among extended family members took a toll on the family, and Reynald and Judith had to work triple time to help cover medical costs. Thanks to sponsorship, Regine’s family was able to continue affording school, even during a stressful time.

Her parents’ ice cream business means a lot to Regine because it allows her to spend quality time with her family.

“Our favorite bonding moment is strolling along the boulevard together while selling ice cream,” Regine said. “That place makes us happy.”

Be part of a family’s success story. Sponsor today.

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