Ismael Kwenga, a former sponsored member from Meru, Kenya.
Jun 20 2016

‘I look forward to going even further’

Ismael Kwenga, a former sponsored member from Meru, Kenya.

Ismael Kwenga, a former sponsored member from Meru, Kenya.

By Ismael Kwenga, a former sponsored member

When a sponsored member leaves the program, especially after completing their education, it marks a new chapter in their lives. Sometimes Unbound is part of that new chapter, like when a former sponsored member takes on a staff position, but other times their lives take a different path.

That’s why it’s always a great joy to hear from former sponsored members about what they are doing after leaving the program. We received the following letter from Ismael in Meru, Kenya, updating us about his future plans. He left the program last year after completing his college degree. And though he is no longer part of the Unbound program, his story is a testimony to the lasting impact sponsorship can have on someone’s life.

It’s with great pleasure that I would like to flash back to where Unbound in Meru has taken me from, and then flash forward to my current destination, courtesy of the immeasurable support I received. It all started while I was in standard four at Matiri primary school. This progressively led to a transformation that has led to my ability to achieve my ultimate goal in life: achieving the highest level of education.

Through the entirety of primary school, I received support from my sponsor Tom, from Vermont. Though we never met physically, my feeling has always been that he is a very humble person, working hard to support me. I promised to reciprocate his kind help, not by sending him gifts as he did to me through sponsorship, but by working hard in school and sending him good grades.

I joined form one at Maseno High School, and I was grateful to continue receiving financial support through sponsorship for my fees and other gifts, without which my studies would have been greatly impaired due to lack of fees. Throughout my high school, I was never sent home for fees since the little raised by my family was fully supplemented by my sponsor through Unbound Meru. This made me work even harder. Upon completion of form four; I joined Moi University for a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences, Information Technology.

Throughout my university studies, I continued to receive support from Unbound and I was also one of the scholarship beneficiaries. With family support and Unbound support, my effort and prayers ultimately culminated with my graduation of a First Class Honors.

The support I received from Unbound Meru led to my successful completion of education in primary, secondary and university undergraduate in December 2014. This also enabled me to get a scholarship through the Government of Japan to pursue a master’s degree in Cloud computing at Okayama University, a prestigious university in Japan. I will complete my master’s degree in the next two and half years. This is a great opportunity for me to give back to the community and my country.

As I study here in Japan, I look back with a smile, carrying with me great pride from the support I received from Tom through Unbound Meru, which has seen me through this far. I look forward to going even further.

I take this opportunity also to urge all Unbound beneficiaries to treat the support they receive as a rare, but great opportunity to bring change to their lives, the community and the country at large. Use it well, and you will have a better and more inspiring story to tell than mine.

I also say a big thank to my sponsor Tom for his kindness and great support he offered me since I joined the program until I retired after my graduation. His support to me was immeasurable. Keep up the good work and live a longer life full of successes. In addition, I thank all the sponsors of the Unbound community who work tirelessly to bring light to lives of needy children.

To the entire Unbound team, you’re doing great work which cannot be paid in totality. Keep up the good work.

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