Sponsored child Cindy from Guatemala reads a letter from her sponsor.
May 20 2016

Guatemala mail stoppage delays sponsors’ letters

Sponsored child Cindy from Guatemala reads a letter from her sponsor.

Sponsored child Cindy from Guatemala reads a letter from her sponsor.

An interruption in Guatemala’s postal services has delayed the delivery of letters to children and elders sponsored through Unbound.

Mail services in Guatemala halted May 18 as the company that operates those services attempted to negotiate a new contract with the Guatemalan government, local news agencies reported.

Sponsors should expect delays in their letters reaching children and elders even after mail service resumes, since Unbound offices will have a backlog of letters to process.

The disruption in mail service will not affect the delivery of letters from sponsored children and elders in Guatemala to their sponsors, however, since Unbound uses a private delivery service for correspondence sent to the U.S.

We encourage sponsors, especially at this time, to communicate with their sponsored friends in Guatemala using our convenient eLetter option. Visit unbound.org/eletter to learn more.

5 thoughts on “Guatemala mail stoppage delays sponsors’ letters”

  1. Thank you for letting us know. I was going to send a Christmas card & was wondering why the PO said they weren’t mailing to Guatemala at this time.

  2. I sent two e-letters March 16th 2016, and I have not gotten any letters back, and we are already in mid June.

    1. Jessica,
      Thank you for your comment.

      While the eLetter writing process cuts out the time it takes for your letter to reach each country (as they are sent like e-mails), once received they are treated like a normal letter. They are printed, translated (if written in English), logged and hand delivered to your friend’s home. While some of our members live close to the project office, most of them live in remote areas that are difficult to reach by car. Your sponsored friend’s region is rural and our sponsored members live in communities that our staff must travel for hours (sometimes they have to cross a river to reach communities) by foot to reach. It is also one of our largest projects- we have thousands of children in this area compared to few staff. It is not unusual for one social worker to have over a hundred children assigned to him/her, all which we must conduct home visits regularly for as well as deliver letters to. Your sponsored friend then has time (often not right away) to come up with a response, write a few drafts of the letter and have it translated and sent to Kansas City.

      Our records indicate that we recently received 2 letters in our office from your sponsored friend for you. Letters are sent to our headquarters in Kansas City where we review them and their translations after logging them, then they are hand stuffed by our volunteers and forwarded to sponsors. You should receive these letters very soon, if you haven’t already.
      Thanks for your patience,
      -Sponsor Services

  3. Thank goodness I have been using the e-mail system for awhile now. Sure love “my” sweet Juana & don’t want to be completely out of contact.

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