Ariel, 21, a former sponsored member and current staff member in the Philippines.
Mar 9 2016

Where are they now: Ariel

Ariel, 21, a former sponsored member and current staff member in the Philippines.

Ariel, 21, a former sponsored member and current staff member in the Philippines.

A healthy dose of community, perseverance and hope go a long way in combatting the daily struggles of those facing poverty. Unbound’s sponsorship program prescribed that remedy for Ariel from the Philippines.

Billy and Mary Lou from Arizona sponsored Ariel when he was just 7 years old, which unlocked a world of opportunity he never knew.

“I had faced a lot of hindrances in my life, many problems, trials and conflicts,” Ariel said. “Problems in family and school made me strong and responsible enough to stand up on my own.”

Despite the obstacles he faced as a student from a family with little income, Ariel persevered and pursued his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University in Agoo.

The trials did not go away once Ariel made it to college. He recalls the steep financial burden and shoestring budget he survived on to make it through each day — though often without lunch or snacks.

“I still remember when I was in college, I tried going to school with 30 pesos ($.69) as my allowance,” Ariel said. “Luckily, there were my friends who supported me through it all. Determination and perseverance serves as my foundation and the reason why I reached this stage.”

Ariel believes the local Unbound staff played a pivotal role in his life journey.

“Kind social workers guided me and gave me pieces of advice when I had problems,” Ariel said. “They molded me into what I am now.”

Ariel at his desk in the Unbound office.

Ariel at his desk in the Unbound office.

After 12 years as a sponsored member, Ariel achieved something that was inconceivable before entering the sponsorship program — a college diploma.

In light of the tremendous impact Ariel experienced through sponsorship, he felt called to work at Unbound after he received his diploma. He now proudly serves as an accounting assistant for Unbound’s office in the Agoo region in the Philippines.

“Now I plan to continue serving people through the organization which built me up and made me who I am now,” Ariel said.
“I can also share my experiences with all our sponsored members here in Agoo and be the next person who will now help them grow and reach their ambitions in life.”

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  1. Congratulations, Ariel, to both you and your sponsors. You will be so very helpful aiding students as you will readily understand their problems, doubts and fears.

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