Myra (right) meets with sponsored child Sindy (center) and Sindy's mom, Rosalina, and baby sister, Vivian, outside their home in Guatemala.
Mar 11 2016

Committed to a spirit of service

Myra (right) meets with sponsored child Sindy (center) and Sindy's mom, Rosalina, and baby sister, Vivian, outside their home in Guatemala.

Myra (right) meets with sponsored child Sindy (center) and Sindy’s mom, Rosalina, and baby sister, Vivian, outside their home in Guatemala.

Myra is an exuberant, kind woman driven by a deep desire to make the world a better place. Born in Guatemala and raised in a strict but lovingly tight-knit family, her rigorous education has shaped her into a disciplined and focused individual. These traits make her a valuable member of the Unbound family.

“My greatest satisfaction is being with the people,” Myra said. “I have a personal desire to see others reach their potential. I believe that every day and every person that touches your life is a learning opportunity.”

Myra is from Guatemala. With her good grades she received a scholarship to attend college in the United States. After school she returned to her home country and took a position with Unbound as a translator. Her kind heart and energetic nature created a connection with the families served through Unbound, and she quickly switched gears to become a social worker.

“I enjoy serving people,” Myra said. “I consider myself fortunate to be able to go into their lives and learn from them.”

Myra’s work with families covers a variety of topics, ranging from nutrition education and hunger prevention, to psychological and social support.

“I work with 229 children; more than 20 percent of them are at risk of being ‘underweight’.” she said. “We incentivize families with underweight children to start a garden with crops that help provide better nutrition. We also train mothers to make cakes, handicrafts, etc. so they can have more income and provide better nutrition for their kids.”

When asked to describe cases that touched her personally, two stories immediately came to her mind.

The first is a boy who suffered abuse at a very young age and received therapy and support through Unbound.

“I saw how he developed and overcame this trauma.” Myra said. “I gave him my friendship, my solidarity and my support to help him move forward with life. I am proud he didn’t give up.”

The second focuses on a young boy struggling with malnutrition.

“We provided [his family] several months of food as their sponsorship benefit and then chickens to [raise] and eat.” she said. “After a year I noticed his skin and hair looked healthier, his eyes were bright and he gained the right amount of weight. I felt satisfied.”

But the challenges cases like these provide don’t dampen Myra’s spirit of service.

“I dream of touching more lives and having new nurses, doctors and lawyers graduating from the Unbound family.” she said. “I wake up and I thank God for allowing me to serve and learn from the people.”

Live in a spirit of service. Sponsor today.

2 thoughts on “Committed to a spirit of service”

  1. this is a wonderful story and certainly relates the great need for the Unbound program. Myra, you are an inspiration to the program and the many whom you represent. thank you.

  2. Myra, thank you for all you do for the children in Guatemala.
    Iam proud and privileged to sponsor my little Karla in
    Guatemala. I truly hope we can make a difference in the world.

    Elaine Klassen, USA

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