Callie, 10, from Grandview, Mo., takes part in the #UnboundSelfieDay.
Mar 21 2016

5 creative ways kids give back with Unbound

Callie, 10, from Grandview, Mo., takes part in the #UnboundSelfieDay.

Callie, 10, from Grandview, Mo., takes part in the #UnboundSelfieDay.

Parents who give time or money to charity set an important example for their kids. They teach their kids about gratitude and compassion while developing the next generation of leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Unbound offers a personal way to help people living in poverty through one-to-one sponsorship. It’s a great way for a family to give back together.

It can also be good for your child’s happiness.

“Research shows that giving to others benefits not only the recipient, but also the giver,” said Michael Norton, of Harvard University’s business school and coauthor of ‘Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending.’ “In countries all over the world, and in children as young as 3 years old, we’ve found that giving makes givers happier.”

Kids want to make the world a better place. Here are five creative ideas from kids who’ve helped families living in poverty.

1. Walk for water

: Jennifer walks with a gallon of water at the first annual Walk for Water event.

: Jennifer walks with a gallon of water at the first annual Walk for Water event.

Twelve-year-old Jennifer, from Colorado, sponsors a young girl named Rose from Kenya. When Jennifer learned that Rose walked the length of five football fields to get water every day, she put together a Walk for Water event to raise money for Health. Donations help Unbound provide wells and filtration systems so families can drink clean water and take care of a variety of other health needs. Walk for Water is now an annual event.

2. Hold a sports competition

Paige’s family has sponsored children through Unbound since she was a little girl. Paige, now a young adult, combined her passions for helping others and martial arts by hosting a one-day tae kwon do competition in her hometown of Rochester, N.Y. She raised more than $1,000 for Unbound.

3. Make friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets made by Rachel from Indiana.

Friendship bracelets made by Rachel from Indiana.

Rachel, a 16-year-old from Indiana, sponsors 17-year-old Divya in India. Rachel pays for her monthly sponsorship to help Divya and her family with money she earns. Sponsoring a friend from across the world has led Rachel to want to do even more to help people in need. So she raises money for Unbound by making and selling friendship bracelets on Etsy.

4. Create a book

Ten-year-old Callie, from Grandview, Mo., created a book to raise awareness for Unbound by highlighting her sponsored friend, Juliana, from Guatemala. Callie, whose dad works for Unbound, also participated in #UnboundSelfieDay by snapping a picture of her and Juliana and posting it on social media to help spread awareness about sponsoring a child through Unbound.

5. Host a walkathon

A group of students in fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade classes at Aquin Elementary School in Cascade, Iowa, host an annual walkathon. Students, teachers and parents walk 10 miles to raise money for those in need in their community and around the world. Each class sponsors a child through Unbound, exchanging letters and photos with their sponsored friends every year. The walkathon helps pay for their sponsorships and creates awareness of Unbound’s work.

There are many ways kids can become happier by doing more good in the world, from dipping into their piggy banks in order to sponsor a child to donating time and using their creativity to support causes they’re passionate about. Join the conversation on Facebook and tell us about some of the creative ways you’ve encouraged kids to give back.

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