Suyapa, a former sponsored child, now works as a nurse.
Feb 5 2016

Where are they now: Suyapa

Suyapa, a former sponsored child, now works as a nurse.

Suyapa, a former sponsored child, now works as a nurse.

Growing up in Honduras, former sponsored child, Suyapa, saw the need in her community. She witnessed this in the struggles her mother and family faced.

Growing up, conditions were difficult for Suyapa and her family.

“We lived a very sad life,” she said. “My mother had to walk from our community to the city just to sell eggs and chickens. Sometimes she sold vegetables, most of the time she ended giving [these items] for free to people with needs because she couldn’t sell all her products.”

Because of the instability in her mother’s job, Suyapa and her brothers had to work to harvest their food.

When Suyapa was a child, Unbound came to her community and began inviting families into the program. Suyapa joined Unbound’s sponsorship program and was part of it for more than eight years.

Thanks to her first sponsors, Albert and Elizabeth from Canada, she and her family were able to enjoy the benefits they received through sponsorship.

Looking back, Suyapa acknowledges that being part of Unbound contributed to her dream of becoming a nurse. Ultimately what inspired her to take on nursing was being out in her community.

“I saw how much we needed help in our community,” she said. “We had to walk long distances for access to health [care].”
That has since changed and her community now has a health clinic.

“Now my life is fair and [has] dignity,” Suyapa said. “I can enjoy things, like my work. I like to help others in my village that I love. I help my mother with my income and now I can give my mother things that she didn’t have access to.”

Through Unbound Suyapa discovered things not only about her community, but about herself too.

“I learned to feel love for people,” she said. “To be fair, to give without wanting something back, because I learned that my biggest reward is seeing a happy face in someone else.

“[And] that as a human, I’m able to do many things, to learn something new every day.”

She’s put this mantra into her everyday life as a nurse working in her community. It’s been over three years since Suyapa graduated and left the sponsorship program, and she has a different take on her life now thanks to support she found in Unbound and from her last sponsor, Jeannie from Pennsylvania.

“I want to thank Unbound for walking with people in need,” Suyapa said. “I send blessings to everybody who collaborates and thanks to them. They are making a better place for us in our world.”

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Alexandra Stonestreet

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