The enclosure the family built to keep their pigs.
Feb 19 2016

Getting ahead through careful saving

Sarobidy helps take care of his family's farm animals.

Sarobidy helps take care of his family’s farm animals.

Just four years ago Sarobidy’s family was struggling to survive, living in a small wooden house in Madagascar on the little income his mother, Hasiniaina, made doing laundry and selling vegetables and firewood. His father, Léon, wasn’t able to find work.

Sarobidy attended an inexpensive local school, though the quality of the education wasn’t very good. Though the tuition only cost about $2.50 USD per month, the expense took a toll on the family’s budget.

“We were afraid to borrow money,” Hasiniaina said. “There were many times that we didn’t have food, but there was no one to help.”

Then in March of 2012, Sarobidy was sponsored through Unbound by Paul and Maureen from Ohio, and his family was able to start turning their situation around.

“Everything helped, even the clothes,” Hasiniaina says. “But the help with the children’s education was most the important, because it allowed us to save.”

With the savings, Hasiniaina continued her work as a laundress and began expanding her store to include other grocery items such as rice and small snacks. Soon, she had saved enough to invest in a pig.

Hasiniaina’s good management and perseverance helped her use the assistance her family received from Sarobidy’s sponsorship to its fullest potential. The family continued to grow their assets, going from one pig and a grocery stand to a farm with more than 150 chickens and 15 pigs. Hasiniaina has also expanded her grocery business to include fruit, charcoal, coffee, bread and other necessities.

With her successes through careful saving, Hasiniaina was the perfect choice to be the facilitator of the livelihood program for the mothers group she participates in through Unbound.

When asked if she had any advice for other families in the sponsorship program, Hasiniaina said, “If you want to succeed in life, learn to manage the little things that you have. You should have good relations with your family and all the people around you, be patient and give your life to God.”

Now that they have built up their livelihood, Hasiniaina shared that the family’s next goal is to improve their home. They’re worried that their home, which is made of wood, won’t stand up to severe storms. Hasiniaina and Léon plan to rebuild their home using bricks and have continued their careful saving habits to reach that dream.

“When you have a goal, do not think about suffering because there is no joy without suffering,” Hasiniaina said. “Focus on one goal.”

While Hasiniaina continues to work hard to improve the life of her family, she is extremely grateful to Sarobidy’s sponsors, and all sponsors everywhere, for the good they’re accomplishing around the world through sponsorship.

“We thank all of you,” Hasiniaina said. “We pray that you will have strength and good health. We pray that our association will continue to be better and that each sponsored members will give their best to improve their life.”

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