Cecilia, Josefina and Walter.
Feb 24 2016

Chicken farm allows for more opportunities

Cecilia, Josefina and Walter.

Cecilia, Josefina and Walter.

Seven years ago, Walter’s family grew a whole lot bigger when they requested 12 baby chicks as part of their sponsorship benefit from Unbound.

Walter and Cecilia live in Guatemala with their five children, including their 13-year-old daughter Josefina, who is sponsored through Unbound. After learning about Unbound through their niece, who is also sponsored, Walter and Cecilia approached Unbound to see if Josefina was eligible for the program.

Shortly after Josefina was sponsored, Walter and Cecilia chose chickens as one of their sponsorship benefits. They made their decision based on information and encouragement provided by the social worker assigned to the family.

“Unbound has continued their support by advising us to have real short- and long-term goals and dreams,” Walter said. “Our chicken business is now a family dream come true.”

Since receiving their first chickens, the farm has grown to 1,400 chickens.

“It’s a lot of work. It’s a full time job,” Cecilia said. “Raising chickens is like taking care of babies.”

All of the family’s hard work, however, is paying off. About 90 percent of the family income now comes from the chicken farm.

“We sell live chickens at three weeks of age. They weigh about one pound and we sell them for $2 each,” Walter said. “I would say that this year we are selling on average 500 chicks per month.”

The family business allows Walter and Cecilia to provide a better life for their children. Before raising chickens, Walter worked in a field for little pay. Now he is able to provide more of what his family needs.

“My dream is that my children go to college and that I can pay for it with my business,” Walter said. “I dream of having a large farm with modern equipment and providing chickens for many people in this area.”

Just like her parents, Josefina works hard. Her sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Todd from Pennsylvania, encourage her in her schoolwork. Josefina dreams that one day she will become a doctor.

“I believe it is fundamental that families set goals and challenges,” Walter says. “Sometimes we are afraid of having goals because we are afraid to fail. We have failed many times but we get up and continue toward our goals.”

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